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Spending the most out of it

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"Life is short - I choose to spend my short life loving her"

It's thursday(July 16), 4pm. Rainy day goes along but still we were on the go.

I was so excited that day that i wanted it become special for the two of us, and so it is. I went early to the mall to bought her a gift since this the only time that ill be meeting her after the may 29 event at jeca's house.

I just love her, if only i can be with her every minute but i cant. People got their own lives to live on. I am thankful that we still find ways to be together. No typhoon could stop us that

I did everything i can just to spend the most out of our short time given by the so-called chance. She was with her friend. I promised her that we will eat out and ill bring jeca so za could meet jeca but due to some complication i wasn't able to bring jeca. I love that thing those meet ups with my/her friends.

We eat at sbarro and crushed an egg bag.

So we conclude that day through a short jeepney ride from moa to edsa. Thank God that there was rain that day and so we have to share under the same umbrella, hmmm.. as we were walking across the EDSA, I am holding her bag with my right hand, umbrella with the left hand, she grabbed my arms as if we were like lovers walking in the middle of the rain.hahaha. I cracked a joke on her saying "Di na maalis yang kamay mo., me pandikit jan sa braso ko, hanggang bahay na nyo tayo" She replied "Kung kaya mo lang ba putulin kamay ko eh, iuwi mo na". I then said "Gusto ko pa mabuhay" hahaha..

I love her. Spending the most out of our short-stolen time is the only thing i wanted to do that day.

P.S. chaga? "Pag tiyaga diba parang tiis lng yun? Mahal kita. Ang mahalin ka yun lng ang gusto ko" Saranghae

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