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Pessimistic but wise!

Haha. For the first time a friend of mine asked me to post a blog entry on pessimism and optimism. He sited a situation wherein he rather be pessimist not because he perceive situations in a negative way but he only wants to anticipate things before it happens. "preventive measures"lol

"Parehas lang tayo., mas gugustuhin ko muna alamin lahat ng posibleng mangyari bago ko sunggaban ang isang bagay"

It always depend on past experiences. If you failed once, why would you do the same stupid shit again wherein you would put things on the line and fail. Learn your lessons. Past experiences makes us stronger than ever. Past experiences prepare us for tomorrow. People grow from their past experiences.

Pessimism is Will over Reason. Pessimism becomes terrible when you don't want to push things further because you are afraid.

"You wouldn't find what you are searching for if you wouldn't take a closer look"

Love: "Loving someone is all about taking risk. You will not find out that she or he loves you(vice versa) if you are afraid to take the risk." If you get scars and bruises stand strong. If you fall 7 times stand up 8! don't be afraid to love someone again. You would not find something special if you are not going to look for it!

Life is short. If you are afraid to take another step foot forward then so be it. Cry on the darkest corner of your room. Waste your time weeping on the heavy loads that you are shouldering. I pitty those kind of people. Instead of giving a hand to them id choose to step on their head and laugh on them.

Pessimism and Optimism always boils down to this, "Motivation". Life is all about choices. Be happy or be sorry!lol

Friend or Lover?

If you're reading this blog post for sure you've been on this situation. Me and my officemate talked about this concept of becoming a friend or lover while eating lunch. We agreed on the same thing.

"Pag tinapon mo na ang isang bagay o kya ikaw ang itinapon at iniwan wag ka ng umasa na maibabalik mo pa ang kahapon at magiging friends kayo. One way or another wag mo na sabihin na both of you would be better kung friends kayo"

Why? That's the biggest lie that you could face when you are on this kind of situation. Maybe your big mouth can say that you're okay with friends but deep inside someone(both of you) is still expecting for something more. Whispering the words of love. Soon you'll demand for affection and when you speak it out someone is gonna be hurt

When you hurt someone. When you tend to break someone's heart don't attempt to make a bail out by saying that "we're friends". Yes you are gonna be friends but not now, nor tomorrow, or next week or next month. Healing takes time. Someone is hurting. Pay respect by quieting your mouth so you wont put blame to someone.

Just walk away. Don't spare any words that may complicate things.

Walking away is not a cowardly act. But you walked away because you don't want to hurt her/him. You don't want to spare hurtful words that may destroy everything you did for love.

Pray that soon your roads are going to cross again. "Pag kayo. Kayo naman talaga!"

Let this go

May be if my heart stop, it wont hurt this much
And never will I have to answer again to anyone

Please don't get me wrong...

I'll never let this go,
But I can't find the words to tell you
I don't wanna be alone,
But now I feel like I don't know you

One day you'll get sick of saying that everthing's all right...
And by then, I'm sure I'll be pretending, just like I am tonight

Please don't get me wrong...
I'll never let this go
But I can't find the words to tell you
I don't wanna be alone,
But now I feel like I don't know you

Let this go, let this go

But I'll never let this go!
But I can't find the words to tell you.
I don't wanna be alone, but now I feel like I don't know you

And I'll never let this go
But I can't find the words to tell you, but now I feel like I don't know you

p.s. ka confuse noh? well that's love. Paramore pa. Hayley pa! I love this Anaheim Concert Videos.hahaha

Lyrics | Paramore lyrics - Let This Go lyrics

Love Train?


"Is love supposed to last throughout all time, or is it like trains changing at random stops. If I loved her, how could I leave her? If I felt that way then, how come I don't feel anything now?"

Jeff Melvoin - 1993, Northern Exposure

So at the end of the road did you find something? Did you get something?

Life is full of lessons. Sometimes a hard fall could paralyze you and change everything in your life but it all goes down to this "Acceptance". It all depends on how you look on things. Yes i lost her but i did get a well live lessons in life to ponder on while loving her. I grew up and become more mature on facing life. I learned to love what i have rather than grief on what i have lost.

I loved everything about her. I guess she never felt it. I asked her one last time - "mahal mo ba ako?" all she say is "Hindi ko kayang sagutin yan", all i can do is turn my back because of dismay. I gaved 2 years of my life and i get nothing but scars and pain on loving her. I know its my fault. Loving is all about taking risks. Like a song line of hayley "That's what you get when you let your heart win".lol

I am happy now. I will be happier now. Ill keep believing that soon this train ride will take me home. For now, I must move for the next stop. Stare at the window of the train while drinking a cup of coffee. So when the next stop comes, ill be more ready to love someone.

broken rhymes

I cant trust my heart
to anyone right now
but what am i doing
please answer me somehow

I dont know if this
is real., please tell me
what is this that
i feel

Why do this heart
beat so fast
hmmm,..i dont know
how long would this last

You made my rainy
days., oh so warm
now i know im safe here
sweet and sound

Ive been in so much
pain but you grabbed
my hand and saved
me from vain

here me now
stay on my side
be stronger than ever
"you are my life"

P.S. Be strong. Ill be stronger:)


I'm running out of lines
oh please-please let me
go this time

Say that you love me now
I cried late last night
show it to me somehow

Everything will vanish
at a glance. We both know
theres no more 2nd chance

These are my last words
for everyone. I hope that
they are happy now,
Im finished and done

I fought for you knowing
that love is an enough reason
but here i am left for
an another season

ill love someone again
10 times than i loved you
ill give her my life
more than i gave you.

P.S. this time it ends