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Lost Love

Now i know.

Ill change my life for good.
I wont cry for someone like you again.
Ill never bother to ask you again.
I wont ask for a kiss again.
I wont ask for promises.
Ill be forgetful.
I wont wait on the train station again.
Ill be stronger than ever.
Ill Change my phone number again.
Ill throw away all those pictures of yours.
I wont dream of you again.
I wont put you on my plans.
I wont listen to the songs that reminds me of you.
Neither do i be singing.
I wont pass by on our places again.
You'll miss those candles we had.
I wont be saying your name again.

I love you but now all i can do is hate you.


"Brownies Temptation by DQ" - day2

After eating heavily from a resto. Try this Super Jam pack served upside down brownies temptation of dairy queen.

Promise, you'll feel all full and heavy after eating this ice cream

I went out yesterday to bond with my office mates on trinoma.

And we ended the eating parade through this 16oz Ice Cream from DQ. So sweet and delicious.

Events :

Date - a.k.a "Lakad Tropa"

Tropa ko siya eh. Cute diba? hahaha

Words "cute" are meant for animal pets. Pretty is the right word right?

It's her from meet and greet part 1

"Maria Kristina Del Rosario Emeterio"

hahaha.peace kreng. Alam ko ayaw mo binabanggit name mo ng buo.hahahaha

Lakad Tropa. I had a nice time with her yesterday. Though naligaw ako sa trinoma - leche nmn eh noh wala kayang kwenta trinoma.

Do you believe many of my friends are so fucking amazed about trinoma? hahaha.. OoOps. Siguro badtrip lng ako kasi naligaw ako sa entrance nila.

I wont date someone again on that freaking mall. Trinoma is like greenhills and tutuban with a little touch of Rob. That's how they mixed it I went to the Block - SM north. Woah. When that renovation is done it's going to be a perfect place. "FREE WIFI on the whole place" that's awesome right? I checked it - I even updated some files on my

Anyways lets go back to the "lakad tropa"

So I went out early in the office to hang out with this girl yesterday. MRT, Then long-freaking-dumb walk. I was there at exactly 512pm. lol.

The usual thing about kreng - she is so hyper. She talks and talks. We ate at "sbarro", damn i dont know how to eat on that resto. I should have practiced She ordered Baked Ziti, Slice of pizza and Lemonade for us both.

By that time all i can do is stare at her. She then say "Wag mo ako panoorin. Cge lang kain ka lang dyan"

Sbarro food was great. Except for one thing. "Manners" of their services. We were sitting next to a family, A guy stand up to get water to give on her little sis - the next scene? A waiter gets the plate without even analyzing wheter the people there are still eating. Though he asked if he could get the platters. Still if you are on that situation. Its like "Huling subo. Pagkababa ng kutsara. Me lumapit. Tapos na po kayo? Ligpitin ko na ha" - Kreng told me that all sbarro restos are like that.

After that heavy eating on sbarro we tried to get some walk. We could have landed ourselves on Starbucks but there's no available seat. We walked again and went to DQ, Dairy Queen. The place where ice cream becomes a their ice cream is so so delicious.

We shared stories there. We shared thoughts. We shared music. Enjoying our stolen time from our so busy life. She is a practice nurse now on bulacan. You got to know how cruel shifting schedules for nurses. lol

Thanks for the time little miss kreng. I enjoyed walking with you.

P.S. The dvd?That's what a lightscribe technology does. Hope it was impressive

Thank you. It was you.

I am thankful that the
sun gave way for you
to be the center of
my universe.

That the time knows
how to slow things down
whenever we sit

Flowers sprung. so as
my love for you
continues to bloom
everyday in my heart.

And morning continues to
fill my heart with
happiness because of
your love and care.

My love for you is
Invulnerable. I love you.
I am thankful that it
was you.

It was you whom ive
fallen to.

P.S. Salamat nung friday. Para sayo to. hehe;) buti na lng pinaupo mo ako sa tabi mo, kasi kung pinabayaan mo lng ako bka tumalikod na lng ako at pinairal ang kabulukan ng ugali ko. Salamat kasi kahit saglit nakasama kita ule. hehehe. love you my emoSP" mwah!haha

Day Dreaming

545pm (Long day at the office)

-Going home. I always do this, the train shit.
I got tons of work left for
tomorrow on my table.(sigh)

607pm (The Train Shit)

- There's something different today as i arrive
in the train station. It's a bit crowded. Looks like
someone threw a party on the train station. lol
as if i care,

610pm (The Waiting)

- Waiting for the train
- Sitting on a bench and roaming my eyes around.
As if I'm new to this.

612pm (The Dreaming)

- I remember those days, When we were still in
school. I usually do this. Waiting for her on this
very same train station.
-She'll always say "Kanina ka pa?" Acting like that she care.
- Ill answer "Ngayon2 lng, 5 mins"(Stupid)

617pm (The Chances)

- When we ride the train. It's always like i won on a lottery.
I get the chance to stand so close to her that i could smell her
fumes that has become more of a drug to me. I get the chance
to stare on her beautiful brown eyes. I get the chance to tell her
that i love her. All she can reply is a tiny slap on the face.
Then She'll say "Tumigil ka jan".
- I love her so much. I always come back to those 15 mins train ride with her.

625pm (The truth)

- Everytime that train ride ends. Every dream ends.
- "Minsan pauunahin niya ako, minsan pauunahin ko siya"
(scared to get caught)

637pm (The Shocking Truth)

- So much of my day dreaming. It's been 30 mins.
Where's the fucking train that i've been waiting. Did i get
caught day dreaming and million of trains passed by?(sigh)

- I heard an announcement from a somewhat voice
"Code Red", about 5 times.
then. "please stay away from the yellow lane"

- What's with the party over there? As i try to see what
the hell is going on there...
"Excuse me" i said

- I saw a body lying on the floor. Someone said
"Nagpakamatay, wala yata sa sarili,. nakatulala lang eh.
Tas biglang tumalon o nahulog nung paparating na yung tren"

645 (End)

- It was me. My breathing became much harder.

Movie of the week : Love Phobia - Domabaem 2003


This is the very first movie of the month that "" offers. Domabaem - Love Phobia 2003 (See movie Review) Stars Korean Award Winning Actress Kang Hye-Jeong of Welcome to Dongmagkol, NABI and Herb.

Movie Rating 10 of 10!

WATCH IT NOW!!! - Click the Numbers. Part 1 to 16.
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This movie is not hosted by my site. Therefore i can't give you any resolutions or editing on the vid to make your movie watching more enjoying, since it's a low quality vid.

But i have a dvd copy of love phobia now in my Hardisk. if you
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Title : - Korea 2003
Genre: Drama and Romance

Im Soo Jung as Min-ah
Kim Rae won as Young-Jae
Lee-Mi sook as Misuk

Lee Eon-Hee

"Mother and Daughter's ties are for real"

"Love is for crazy people - who can stand in the middle of the road(even it's raining) just to make sure that his/her beloved crosses the road safely"

"White lies into jokes into tears. is all about"

...Ing is a nice movie. Very simple and yet touching for mom-daugther's relationship. It has a little touch of Romance but i appreciated the characters - Mina and Misuk more than what expected to be a heart touching drama for lovers.

Minah has just transferred to a local high school. She is quiet and really tends to separate her self among her colleagues. She spent most of her time on the hospital battling a life threatening disease.

She live with her mom Misuk - the name that she always call her mom. Not trying to be sassy to her mom but that's what they agreed. Watch the movie and probably you'll know why. Misuk always there for her daughter, with so much love and dreams for Minah inspite of Minah's disease.

Then there's Young-Jae a photographer who happened to move below Misuk's apartment. He is a bit old than Minah but love dictated everything.

..Ing is a nice movie. Nice but not that great for me. I just can't feel it. May be for girls' lol.. see this movie and sure you'll know why guys can't feel the movie at all. This is much like "herb" of Kang Jae-Hyong. A movie that marks the heart of passionate relationship between mother and daughter - so called family ties.

My Favorite Scene: I love the scene where Minah smokes on her window with headphones on her head. Love it!

Movie Rating: 7 of 10
See the movie through :


by bags

I thought we were
made to be great
but now im asking
for god's sake

I believed so much
in fate, but now
all that's left inside me
is nothing but hate

All those nights
I stay up late
never ending memories
sweet but fake

Someone told me
Love can wait

I just replied


All i want is to die and fade.

P.S. Please hurt me again. So i know it is the end. I lied when i said that i can wait. I can't even stand a minute without seeing your face. I want to wake up one day, with our memories erased!

Spring Bears Love

Title : Spring Bears Love - 2003
Genre: Melodrama, Romance and Comedy

Bae Doona as Hyun Chae
Kim Nam Jin as Dong Ha

Yong Ih

"Written words in books makes love immortal"

"You may not know, someone close to you, someone who has always been there for you is loving you in the most special way he can but you're just too blind to see it"

"Keep believing in love because somehow, somewhere, someone is there praying and thinking for you"

"I like you so much, Like a bear in spring time, I know you're secrets. You're like a lovely bear. This is just the beginning of my love for you" these are words hand-written by someone on a book that happens to be Hyun-Chae is reading.

Hyun Chae is an unlucky girl who has trouble on finding love. Gifted with Rough attitude and bad manners she always get dumped by guys. So unlucky that even her dreams in life didn't come true.

The words written on the book always indicate what book should be read next. Those lovely words made Hyun Chae believed that still there is someone loves her and adores her without even knowing who's the person writing on the book and if she was the one that words are pertaining to. She even gave name on the writer - "Vincent"

Here comes Dong Ha. A high School best pal of Hyun Chae. So in love with Hyun Chae, he does every stupid thing he can just to make Hyun Chae fall for him. He even hug and kiss Hyun Chae's foot while but the conflict? Hyun Chae was too blind to see that because of Vincent.

Spring Bears love is a nice movie with nice nice lovely cast and storyline. You'll know how love goes after watching this movie.

Favorite Scene: I love the scene where in Dong Ha fell asleep inside the cabinet. Stupid guy! lol

My Movie Rating 8 of 10.
See the movie through : Spring Bears Love

Paramore (The B-Sides)


The B Sides(2008)

This is a shared download link
my friend. This is not mine.

It happens to be that someone was asking for a copy of Paramore Music from my iphone

so here it is!

PASSWORD : status

Tracks :

1 Decoy
2 Another Day
3 Oh Star
4 Stop this Song (Love Sick Melody)
5 Just Like Me
6 Temporary
7 My Hero
8 Stuck on You
9 Hello Hello
10 When it Rains (Demo)
11 Emergency (Alternate Version)
12 Rewind (Demo)
13 This Circle
14 Adore
15 My Number One
16 Here We Go Again
17 Sunday Bloody Sunday

enjoy music!

how to download?
Just open any browser. New tab (Ctrl+T in Firefox). Copy then Paste the Rapidshare Download link! easy..

TRY TO POST ANY REQUEST (Music and Movies - of my interest only and let's see. if i can help you. postback if the link is dead. or if you cant use the rapidshare link try using the mirror of the rapidshare.

p.s. i love "when it rains(demo), Adore and Oh Star" on this album

Virgin Snow (Hatsuyuki No Koi)


Title: Virgin Snow 2007
Other Title: (Hatsuyuki No Koi)
Genre: Drama and Romance

Aoi Miyazaki as Nanae
Jun-Ki Lee as Min

Sang-hee han

"Constant love defies every struggles in a relationship"

"Love bridge the differences of two persons"

"A movie that brought differences between Kyoto and Seoul and yet the characters find their selves how to get along"

The movie "Virgin Snow" is not that so-so kind of a movie. Though it has a well told story about two high school students, Min and Nanae there's still something awful about it, why? If you are like me who don't know when a person speaks Japanese and Korean you'll find it quite disturbing. lol. Later you'll know why, but the overall plot was good

The movie started when Min(Jun-Ki Lee - One of the main characters in My Girl) went on Kyoto-Japan with his dad as an exchange student. Min rides his bike around Kyoto and crashes his bike into a Buddhist temple. He limps over to a near fountain to wash his wounds, when Nanae(Aoi Miyazaki - The lovely donnut biscuit girl of Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru) walks by. Their eyes meet, butterflies went flying and that's where the Virgin snow started.

Fate is always there on love stories right? Min a Korean native was introduced as an exhange student at the local High School in which Nanae was also attending. Min does everything to charm Nanae and so the story unfolds.

Though the main characters have so many differences, specially in Languages the movie went fine. With a hand sign and little english, Nanae and Min was able to establish their feelings for each other. Nanae started studying the Korean language and as well as Min studied the art behind pottery(Porcelain making in Japanese way) for Nanae.

What i dont love is - Yes Nanae studied Korean as well as Min studied Japanese but you don't know the subtitle whether Nanae or Min was speaking Korean or Japanese unless it was expressed by the Character laugh on that.

"Virgin Snow" is a great movie. Min lost his love for Nanae because of misunderstanding, Nanae went away to settle things for her family while Min not knowing that Nanae did it for good. Min's love never fade. It was just some sense of Pain that hindered his love for Nanae because Nanae dissappeared all of a sudden and left without a trace. But Constant love brought them back and so the story marked the Korean-Japanese movies integration.

See the movie. It's great! you'll find lessons on it! Promise!

Watch the movie on : Virgin Snow (Hatsuyuki No Koi)

Meet and Greet : Part 2

I had a great great time last sunday. last-last sunday since this blog entry is week late than

It's meet and greet part 2!
If you missed my meet and greet part 1 then click the link below

meet and greet - kreng

Its jessica, my life long buddy;) meeting up with gieh and rez.,

I always wanted that rez would meet jessica because they really are the dearest girls in my

What's up with the contacts that rez was wearing? I don't know, but i love her brown eyes more than her

The day went well for the four of us. We ate at Razon's of Guagua in SM-mall of asia, and we watched movie at the same day. "The haunting at the Connecticut" - not haunted though.

Razon's of Guagua offers great-great filipino dishes, we had sizzling sisig and bulalo, we had pancit loglog and a halo-halo. Great-Great place for families and friends to eat-out during summer.

The haunting at the Connecticut is not that haunted but i have girls sitting next to my chair while watching the movie and so it become more of a comedy.

And so as the day ends we all had a great time.

It's the first time that Jessica meets Rez - I love rez so much and so as jessica, It's like meet the I just wished that Rez could give more time and so she can meet all those people that knows me well. As well as my family. Vice versa of course. Ill be happy if i can meet Robin(Rez's bro) and Che-Che. Her mom and her family.

Why? because i love her. That's just it;)

"Love is patient and pure"

gieh said "love hurts"