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Meet and Greet


I had a nice time last friday. I met with someone whom i never thought id be meetin this month of the year.

Damn she's pretty looking girl(Isn't she?). She's my "textmate" and "chatmate", im always asking this girl when we are going to meet. Finally we agreed and it was last friday. But there's a purpose, she wants me to take a look at her portable(laptop) that dont boot successfully after an on and off scenario at her home(thank god, i have this somewhat kind of talent on fixing stuffs like that)

-- 7:00am

- I woke up and when i looked at the clock, it's 7. i looked at my phone and i saw her name-received an sms from her."Good Morning", damn i realized she's up and probably on a bus ride now. We're meeting at 7eleven near CGH and by the way she is from bulacan-lomo de gato i think, that's why she has to wake early because our agreed meeting time is at 9am.

-half an hour has past. I started moving my ass to prepare the house for my visitor.

-- 8:00am

-I received another sms from her "txt n lng kita pg andun nq" and all i said is "whew.. this is real" after preparing the house, I prepare my self. I don't want to be a mess since this the first and only could be the chance to meet her.

-- 8:30am

- I received an sms again "andito nako. bile nq pagkain ha"
-Poofs. With a smile on my face i whispered. "okay". its just a two minute "traysikel" ride from home to reach the meeting place and so i follow my foot to pick her up.

-as soon as i arrived, i saw her immediately in the cashier paying for something.. i want to surprise her and so i didn't call her attention first. As soon as she sat., i approached her and say "psst.(her name)!"

-and there she started act like she was so surprised

the scenes we're so fast. All i did is stared at her. Watch her face and smile.
girl : "kumain ka na?" she said as she stands and try to buy me something.
me: "wag na, sa bhay na lng"
girl : "Hindi okay lng libre ko"
me: "wag na"
as we went out the 7eleven, she acted really funny. Instead she follow me since i am the one who knows way back to our home. I followed her.
she said:

Damn. She is talking and talking, but that was good because all those times i was just staring at her, watching her nice glossy hair (may be out of imagination, but she is really pretty.)

I had so much stuffs to smile when we we're home. We keep on talking and talking about stuffs that just float in the air. It's like we knew each other personally. We had so many exchange of thoughts. While fixing her portable we we're sharing personal profiles with each other.

Staring at her is my favorite hobby that time. Just to make the chance worth it.

The battery of her portable is not working and so volunteered to help her find replacement for it.(so we could meet again). So as the meeting purpose was done, she left her battery, and we left.We because i went with her just to make sure that she will go home safely.

And that's it. The staring is over. A short walk with her and she took a bus ride again.

Thanks for that funny moments.

It's nice to meet you.

I cant wait to see you again.

by the way thanks to the ipod copy of twilight movie.

A moment to remember


Korean - 2004
Romance - Melodrama

Cast :
Jung Woo-Sung as Choi Chol-Soo
Son Ye-Jin as Kim Soo-Jin

John H. Lee

"Certified Tear Jerker"
- I my self cried a lot. even my mom whose not even reading the english subtitle was crying.

A moment to remember is so astonishing. "Such a perfect masterpiece" Loaded melodrama is glossy, yet well-told and engaging to those watching it.

The story revolves on the most impossible predicament for a 27yr old woman could have- Alzeihmers Disease. Kim Soo-Jin (Son Ye-Jin) suffered on this disease after getting so much involved on a heartbreaking situation with her boss on a clothing design firm(her ex-boyfriend) followed by the way her family accepted all those compelling situations. Thanks that she met this man Choi Chol-Soo (Jung Woo-Sung ) a hard headed guy working for her father's construction site that gaved unselfish love to Soo-Jin.

I wont mention the way they met. Its one of the most coolest thing that the movie has.

Just see it. You'll cry like you never cried before. This movie really shows the definition of true love. Yesterday may fade but the most important thing is that when tomorrow comes, you're there for him/her.

My Favorite Scene was the time that Soo-Jin(the girl) called her husband Chol-Soo(the guy)in the name of her ex-boyfriend(boss).Damn. Chol-soo love Soo-Jin so much that he didnt get caught up on that heartbreaking situation, he faced Soo-jin and still he told that he love Soo-Jin. But when he went out the door. He cried. Cried a lot.

Watch this one-10 of 10!

See this Video so you can have a little glimpse of the movie it self!
"I just wished that there was an english sub"
start at 1:19=). The song is great enough!.lol

Thanks, adiar of youtube. Great Post!

Heaven is at your side


if i never get to heaven
by javier

What does your love mean to me
its something i can't answer easily
just like the air that i breathe
you fill me up inside, you give me all that i need
like a bird flying high on a summers day
you're the wind that carries me away
to a place where you and i will always stay forever

if i never get to heaven then at least i will have known
i had an angel here on earth that I could call my very own
and if this world should end tomorrow,girl this much i know is true
i found my piece of heaven the day that i found you

longer than poets will rhyme girl my love will burn for you until the end of time
if i should die before tomorrow comes
i wont regret a single day, because i had your love
must be somethin in the way you say my name
it takes away my worries and my paingirl i know we'll
make it through the rain together

if i never get to heaven then at least i will have known
i had an angel here on earth that i could call my very own
and if this world should end tomorrow girl this much i know is true
i found my piece of heaven the day that i found you

like a river flows and a flower grows, my love for you will never fade
like the sun will rise in the morning sky
you know that i am here to stay forever

if i never get to heaven then at least i will have known
i had an angel here on earth that i could call my very own
and if the world should end tomorrow
girl this much i know is true
i have found my piece of heaven the day that i found you

like a river flows and a flower grows, my love for you will never fade
like the sun will rise in the morning sky you know i am here to stay

p.s. if i could never be in heaven. still ill be thankful because it was
heaven, knowing you are my angel. thanks.

Career or Job?

I am writing this because i want to give ideas on people who are dealt on becoming one among us.

"The Fresh Grads" a.k.a "totoy","rookie","dayo"

Let's get the definition first between a career and a job

a definition was published by Dee Piziak
under his employment tips article posted on the web

A job is:

A regular activity performed in exchange for payment
A position in which one is currently employed.

A career is:
A chosen pursuit; a profession or occupation.
The general course or progression of one's working life or one's professional achievements over time

"A job is what you are doing for today. A career is what you have done on the past years and what you are planning to do in the coming next years."

We fresh grads should take this as a lesson. I learned it by accepting a job offer that i really regret of. Thank god i was terminated. A career is a commitment, where in you want or crave for it. I knew guys who resigned on their work because they don't feel it anymore. Jobs are everywhere but the question is are you willing to give your whole hearted effort on that job? a career is like love or getting married, commitment, long term achievement that you can boast to everybody that you fell in love into.

"prevention is better than cure"
How to prevent getting hooked up by false jobs?
by: jaysonbagio

1. Evaluate yourself. No one knows you better than yourself. Got to know your strengths and weaknesses.
2. Picture it out, its not that bad to dream as long as you can turn those dreams into reality.
3. Take out the pressure. "inch by inch" don't rush yourself in getting a job or starting a career, competition is way to tough to handle.
4. Commitment. Commit on improving yourself. Never rely on what's just in front of you. Take a deep breath and dive into new discoveries.
5. Resourcefulness. Be resourceful enough to get a sideline job. Join a Free lance Group to earn profits while waiting for the job you are looking for. It helps you gain experiences.
6. Love it. You wouldn't bite a job offer if you don't feel or like doing the job it self.
7. Don't be picky stupid punk! What would you do on a 18 to 20 thousand monthly salary if you're everyday living at the office is in hell.
8. Of course know you're rate. I think in job posting sites like jobsdb and jobstreet, they offer an analysis of how much offer you can get on a certain position in connection with the resume's and portfolio that you submitted to them.
9. Concentrate. Concentrate on a certain thing, if you like arts you wouldn't mind studying c# or go for the right tools, It's obvious Adobe products has taken over as far as design and media development is concern. I have a friend who has been in PHP for 10 plus years now, "damn", he has godlike skills in php.
10. Know your path. Research the stepping stones for a certain career. You will not be a project manager if you came from nowhere, except you were born with a golden spoon in your

These are just some of cool tips i can give you guys if you are just about to graduate and start looking for a career. Show your appreciation on my article by posting a comment or bookmarking the article.

Outsourcing Scam : Beware!

I am thankful that i was once became a part of this big time company located in the heart of Makati-Ayala business district. Thanks to the training in vb and that they have given us.

For a while it was a very good way to start my career in this so called IT industry but as the days goes by my start up with them became a living hell. Oops sorry for that term.

I found my self wasting my time sitting my ass and waiting and waiting for nothing.

Before this all began they told us upon the orientation that if they endorse us to a client and the client feels you are a perfect piece for them then there you will be deployed. With that is a condition that we'll pass the training and all those revalidation exams to be offered by their clients, with "s" because they told us that they are big time and everybody in this country believe that yes they are so they have many clients. And they promised us that they'll offer us to other business partners that they have if we wont get accepted by their other clients.

I had so much fun on our 1 & a half months of training in asp and, we're getting paid while doing the training, unlike any other IT consulting company.

After the it's about time to face the ultimate truth. Its eviction time fellas, just like in Big Brother, 4 of us was immediately evicted so from 15 guys down 11,. the 4 didn't made it because they failed to pass the training days.

After that we we're now sent for a week-long revalidation exam of one of their bigtime roots, a bank probably just for you to picture it out. After a long week 5 of 11 we're hired by this bank so how many was left behind? 6? i am one of those six.

The next day was a surprise, our boss told us that we'll have to make our resignation paper immediately. What a fucking surprise. They only have one client for .net and they are kicking our asses out to the office. We resigned as they said without any contest because we we're rookies back then. And the agreement that they'll offer us to another client was just verbal.


If only i didn't got to much pressured on landing my first job. I could have not bite in the bait of a fucking scam.

Guess what i am still a mother fucking lucky piece of bastard. I landed a job quickly after that scam. My colleagues left in that BIG time company will be there for 3 years because of that fucking miserable contract that they signed. They are getting less on what a .net programmer should rate. The secrets we're leaking., java people we're rating 18-20k and they are just getting 12.

hahaha..last laugh to us, people who we're kicked out because of their tight policy.
Thanks for a while. I learned my lessons.

Scars and Promises


If only holding

you at the hand is
enough.,I would grab
hold it

This never ending
tears could have not
happened, if only
i forged ever chances.

Now we're so so
broken, i don't know if
i can fix this, if we can
fix this.

Our promises
we're just a burden
Now i don't know
what's next to

I told you that ill love you
through every changing
seasons, but now i
can't find any single

I thought that this
love would last,
but now its all written
as scars from the past.

P.S. My love for you was so strong,
it could even destroy me=(