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10 is to 100 (100th Blog Entry Special)

I am counting down 10 most meaningful things that happened to me this year - 2009.

10. iWeB How could i forget them. I started my year with them. I had my very own "First Career Step" that you can call and be proud of with them. With a big staff leasing company like them - It's a dream come true for me. There i met my new buddies like Melisa, Jane, Betchay and Len. I learned wordpress through my senior php programmer pal Dex who loves to be absent rather than be I saw photography with Mon. The Iweb-Olympics is the coolest thing ever. Sadly, Mel, Jane and I had sheer luck with them. For whatever reason we had to leave the company and file our own death-defying stunt resignation. Poofs! We're back on track now. Jane is on Makati, Mel is studying and I work on a reputable company in Search Engine Marketing and Social Media.

9. INTRO to SEO Seminar in Adamson University. I love that experience. Being able to share what i know with my co-comp sci students and returning the favor. I love that! A half day event that changed me from a stupid emo comp sci graduate who loves lurking and strolling around the campus and playing NBAlive in the computer shop sa me walkway into someone called "Sir" - Napaka kagalang galang. A Prof told me "Ito be speaker nyo? Hindi ba isa ka sa mga pasaway dati? Ganyan talaga pag nagkatrabaho..Bumabait"

People grow. Thanks Tsai. Thanks Pao-Pao :D

99th Post - Thanks

This is my 99th post on my personal blog guys. A lot of thanks to those names mentioned on this personal blog that i started last January. For stories, lits, emotions, videos, songs, korean movies and many more. Thanks that you guys became a part of my online journal for almost a year.

Many people think that this is a stupid thing. Writing emotions and letting people get into your life. Well all i can say is this blog became my outlet during those "EMO" days of my life. This is where i put my bitterness and sufferings. I lock it into my blog and use it as a motivation.

This is the place where i put my heart for public

Many people say "If you want to forget someone., put her into literature" well i did, She's just a story now. They are just part of my short but well lived story now. I had no regrets because without all those things that i had when i started this blog i wouldn't have someone like Michel now. Those stories that taught me how to love and what's the feeling of being loved.

As i continue to grow, As i continue to write...

Hope you guys could see how beautiful life can be :D

"Life is like a box of chocolate.. You'll just never know what you're gonna get"

Hindi Sanay

"Hindi ako sanay na walang boyfriend eh" -aurence said to me when we had a chalk talk last week

She is having problem on handling long distance relationship.. I passed by her on a chat and she opened up this topic. She was saying that she lost the feeling that she had before and yet she can't find the strength to let go of a love that she had before.

She said to me that she is afraid of being alone.Being left alone. She was used on having someone beside her. I heard this story before on a really close friend who is also having problem on her long distance relationship.

I heard from the mass yesterday - "Ang paghihintay ang sumusukat sa kaligayahan o kagalakan ng isang tao. Hindi sa kung ano yung natanggap nya dahil sa naghintay sya"

I told Aurence to let go. While there's love in their hearts.,let go. Don't let pain and bitterness be the turning point of their relationship. Soon she'll find answers. I remind her to be strong. And if being strong is not enough be stronger, Be more resilient. Find love from other people's heart. Don't live in missery and hate. Continue and be ready.

Prayer for her

This was a message from Noi. Asking me to post this...Thanks tol! Keep writing!

A lot of you may not know me as a religious person. Some of you know me as an agnostic guy. Who believes in God but has a lot of question about his own religion. This prayer might not mean anything for you. But it means a lot to me. As somebody said to me once. "You are a man and you have to stand up on your own two feet". This is my take on standing up, even though admittedly I literally shed a tear while writing this down..

Dear God,

Please help me forget her..

I still love her and it hurts so much...

Please help me let go..