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hatred and heartache


"There's nothing in this world so sweet as love. And next to love the sweetest thing is hate"

"To really know someone is to have loved and hated him in turn"

"Hate is misguided love."

"Just because i smile on the outside doesnt mean that i am on the inside."

Hatred and Heartaches.
by jayson bagio

Ive been counting those pains that you caused me.
You scarred my life so badly.

I always say that you are the only one that i pray for,
that may you give me love a little bit more.

I shed tears under my pillow,
knowing death is next to follow.

I had given everything,
but for you it is not even a
single thing.

Now all left is hate,
I don't believe in such words like fate.

I don't want to see you again,
stop fucking around cause i'm not
pretending to be friend.

I'm taking back sunday, promise
ill step on your neck someday.

I hate you. You caused me so much heartaches.



"What if our hands are meant to fit like this?"

Its 2:45, saturday afternoon
I'm sitting next to a girl whom i always wanted to be with.
It's almost been a year since i last saw her.

All the scenes were very fast
All i can do is stare on her face
look into her eyes
smell her scent...(sigh)

Until i get the chance. I hold her hands again. I remember that day, i asked her if i can hold her hand and she refused.

Now I began asking my self again (While holding her hands). If there's no love why would you let me hold your hands again?

She's my everything, She's my heroine. My love for her was so strong that i couldn't stay away anymore. Even she is not around i keep fallin and fallin for her. Holding her hand and Experiencing those things makes me live a year more than anybody. She is my lifeline.

I'm playing with her fingers as if it was mine. I whispered to her.

"I love you. All i can do is love you and love you."

She kept quiet hearing those words. Suddenly she told me something,

"Hintayin mo ako bags, pag 30 na ako"

I smiled a bit when i heard those words from her, Yeah, i know her family. I know the situation on their family. All i can do is put my head on her shoulder (facing her shoudler) Smelling her fumes but actually i was kissing her shoulder - unitentionally. I didn't asked her anything when i heard those words. I just said this to my self (I didn't asked you to marry me? What i am asking you is to love me. just love me the way i am loving you today. I dont know tomorrow, I can't even come back for yesterday.).

She is my life. If i would have a house i would have it through our shared dreams and thoughts of having it. I love her so.

And so while sitting on a couch we had an exchange of stories.


3:45. We got to keep going and so we left off.

Now It's back to reality. I don't know what would be the next story.

Koizora ("Sky of love")


Title : Koizora (November 2007)
Genre: Drama and Romance

Yui Aragaki as Mika Tahara
Haruma Miura as Hiro Sakurai

Natsuki Imai

"Young love can be too aggressive, painful and yet it when it struck someone it's unpredictable"
"Its a real picture of love among their ages"
"Heart Warming Tearjerker"

Koizora (Sky of love) is a well told story of two high school students who fall in love. A love that defied every odds as their love story goes.

The story began when mika lost her phone. She searched for it and she found her phone on the library, As it rings and Mika answered the call she was introduced to a guy whom at first keeping his secret identity(It was Hiro).

Mika and Hiro became close through never ending SMS and Calls. One morning they saw a jetplane accross the sky, they both take picture of it so when the meet and greet time comes that's the only thing that they both have to show as a proof. And so they decided to finally meet there was a somewhat kind of disapointment from Mika. But then when love strucks. love strucks!.

This is not an ordinary japanese or somewhat kind of an old fashioned korean movie. The love of Hiro and Mika showcased so much of youth and love.

Their love grew as far as reality is concerned. There were so many trials that came on their relationship. "As in". You'll be shocked how real the story line was.

The way the story end's was something usual though. But surely, Koizora would leave a mark deep into someone's heart. At the end you'll find that love was never meant to end. Real love won't simply end;)

Favorite Scene: The Black Board writing scene wherein they put their last notes during their last day on their high school. It's so so heart touching.

See this movie: Rating 8 of 10

MySoju link : Koizora (Sky of Love)

I never knew that Yui aragaki(Mika)can sing. Awesome. Sky of Love - OST

Thanks, setokoji18 from youtube. Great Post!

Paramore (Favorites)


- Hayley Williams? "She is HOT" Her eyes, her voice, her smile, her red-hair and her voice.

I have 28 songs of Paramore Music in my iphone playlist and i just can get satisfied. I want more and more from hayley. I love this band. They are one of a kind. Hayley Rocks! I listen to their music whenever i feel like returning to those days that she was beside me. I miss you.

My Favorite Titles: My Heart, Stuck on you, Until Tomorrow, Misery Business, Conspiracy, When it Rains, Decode and That's what you get(When you let your heart win).

Dashboard Confessionals (Favorites)


"Christoper Carraba is Genious"

- Dashboard Confessional is considered of the god father of emo(music and fashion). Everybody knows they are. Thumbs up. I have 72 songs of DC on my iphone playlist, whenever i feel like dying inside i listen to my DC playlist.

- From Further Seems Forever to Dashboard Confessionals.

My Favorite titles: Hands down, Vindicated, Slow Decay, Reason to believe, Heaven is here, For you to notice, Remember to breathe and Several ways to die trying.

SMS 101 - BoyandGirl.txt

Girl: Pno poh mag save sa turbo C?
Girl: What File Extension?
Boy: .txt po yun pag cne save.
Girl: Ok. Sure ka ha?
(After 3 Minutes)
Girl: Ayaw po eh. Pno po ba?
Girl: gnto b? boy.txt?
Boy: opo
Girl: Ayaw eh. San po kya error?
Boy: Try nyo po bka me problema
sa directories?
Girl: So ganito po ba yun dpt?
(After 3 minutes)
Girl: Ayaw p din po
Boy: Hndi po tlga ggna yan kasi
di na pwede pag samhin c girl at
boy bilang iisa
Girl: haha. adik. ayaw tlga gumana
Boy: eh magkahiwlay na si boy and girl
eh kht ano p gwin mo d n nga ggna yan.
Girl: haha. oo nga dti na ung program ntin n un eh
Boy: ahaha. pwede p nmn e de bug ule=)
Girl: wag na. dnt bring the past back anymore.
ahaha kanta?
Boy: hehe. mahal n mahal p dn nmn po kta eh
di po un nagbago.
Girl: ahaha.bolero
Boy: di ah. lahat nmn alam yun eh. how much
i love you and care for you.
Girl: Opo. lam ko un. Thanks so much.
Boy: magiingat ka po prti ha. if ever you need me
jst say a word. sa likod mo lng ako.
Girl: Ok. Tnx.
Boy: Tnx lng? wlang kiss? ahaha
Girl: Ngek. Mwah!
Boy: Ahaha. Tnx. lab yu po!

For the reader's of this post:
Can you see the picture?
Is there any love left for the both of them? In What level?
Should the Boy keep his words?
Do you believe in falling in love with someone even he/she is
not around?

Damn' I'm Suffering from her. Receiving one SMS from her
makes my whole year complete=) This SMS is for real. Believe me.
SMS on iphone are meant to be in chat like form.

Thank you my friend

Life is a bit cruel
on my heart
I lost her and all
starts falling apart

I thought it was the
end of the line
but you were there
to make me feel fine

I use to hide and shed
my tears on the pillow
but you pave away those
tears on a simple hello

I don't know if you're
heaven sent
but I'm happy now
knowing you are my friend

Yesterday scars were
finally healing
thanks for the time
It's surely worthkeeping

P.S. I wrote this poem for

my buddy "Jeca" - Thanks for being someone special and so dear to me.
Kreng - Those never ending exchange of thoughts. I appreciate it. A lot.
Jheng - Thanks Jheng. You were there telling me that time will heal everything.
Des - For those movie titles that kept my heart warm again.
Enjie - Thank you so much. You were there telling me to stop.
Misy - Though nsa denmark ka na. anjan k p din. ehehehe

Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru ("Just loving you. Always")


Title: Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru (2006)
Genre:Drama and Romance

Aoi Miyazaki as Shizuru
Hiroshi Tamaki as Makoto
Meisa Kuroki as Miyuki

Takehiko Shinjo


"It's a perfect movie that will surely make you fall in love again and again"
-but of course the korean/japanese way of ending a movie. "well that's lesson in life"

Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru (Heavenly Forest) revolves on 3 characters. Shiziru, Makoto and Miyuki. It's about young love but not that young so it's not hard to pick the story line.(did you get it?).

Makoto has Inferior Complexity that's why he tends to shy away from people but not until when he met Shiziru. A College girl who talks and act like a kid. (Shiziru love eating "donnut biscuits" for

Shiziru and Makoto met on their 1st day of college. Freshman's first day. Shiziru was trying to cross a pedestrian that's really impossible for students to cross and Makoto saw her doing that "hand raising thing" so that cars would slow down and stop so she could cross.

Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru simply made a clear point in life. "photography captures memory - little or big"

Shiziru and Makoto became more close because of photography. They had their own secret forest that they really treasured because that was the only place where they take shots over and over again and that is also the place where their love for each other grew. But Makoto didn't noticed that because he likes someone else, a college girl named Miyuki- beautiful and always well dressed(Contrast to Shiziru).

So there's a love triangle on this movie. Plus all the odds against them.

Favorite Scence : The Kiss!("The movie poster it self") It's So-So for Shiziru and Makoto. Shiziru is hot!lol! Thumbs Up!

Well i dont want to spoil the movie it self. There's so much more. See tada kimi wo aishiteru movie on that's the site given to me by a friend just look for the title. Under japanese movie categories.

I love this Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru - OST line:

"tada kimi wo aishiteru
tada sore dake de yokatta noni"

In English:

"I am still falling in love for you
that was enough for me"

See this one - Rating: 9 of 10

Renai Sashin - Photograph of Love
Heavenly Forest(OST)

Thanks. dojemi10 of youtube. Great Post!

Missed Post - Coming Soon (lol)

I'm so freaking busy these days that i couldn't even post a single word on my blog.

Well I'm so hype with my work. Doing wordpress shits and DM2 thing. SEO campaigns and may more.

In days ill post a review about my SEO101 seminar conducted on Adamson U. That was last Feb 21(
how i wish that i could get connected on paola so i can grab pictures from that event.)

Ill post a movie review on "Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru", A Japanese movie(thanks Des!) ive seen from - visit this site guys. Tons of korean and Japanese Movies!. Perfect!

Ill post a movie review on "Christmas on August",

Ill post something about a sms talk that i had with rez. I don't know. but i will. I'm having very fast memory loss so i want to write that small chit-chat we had about our past.

Ill hook some poems. I made new writings supposed to be given to a friend that promised to meet with me last month but we are too busy and we can't meet. So i'll post it here.

What else? Im meeting Riza tomorrow my cs105 pal. Ill post reviews on her to. That's cool!.lol

So i got tons of missed post.

COMING SOON! hahahaha