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Movie Title : After.Life
Genre : Mystery / Thriller

Stars : Christina Ricci as Anna
           Justin Long as Paul
           Liam Neeson as Eliot

Favorite Movie Quotes:
"I thought you were different. You all say you're scared of death, but the truth is you're more scared of life." - Eliot

"You have to look beautiful for your funeral. This is how they are all going to remember you. " - Eliot

My Quote :
"Intriguing and disturbing"

This movie will surely leave a question on your mind after seeing it. Even argue with a friend after finishing the movie that was made for you to conclude.

Anna Taylor wakes up after a car accident seeing the face of a man - Eliot Deacon a funeral director saying "your dead" while preparing her for her funeral. Confused and doubtful of the events Anna still believes that she is very much alive but Eliot convinces her that she's just on the transition of afterlife. Eliot was claiming that he has the power to see dead people and communicate with them. Anna was trapped on the funeral home trying to buy her way out to the world where she taught she still exist but everytime she tries to escape there's Eliot explaining about people facing the truth about death. is something different and a must see movie. A matured movie though seeing Christina Ricci walking naked or having sex with her boyfriend Paul (Justin Long). This movie left me a question in my mind "Did she really die?" but my answer is simple. Be intelligent on seeing this movie rather than jump into conclusions of afterlife.

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Ondoy Memories

Sabi nila natututo daw ang tao kapag nasadlak ito sa dulo at nadama kung ano nga ba ang totoo. Pero bakit ganun? Nagtataka lang ako at maging ako sa sarili ko. Wala ng bagyo pero nasan na ang pamumuhay na simple para sa mga tao. Nasan na ang mga kamay na nagabot ng tulong. Tumutulong pa din ba tayo isang taon mula ng maranasan ang sakuna na ayon sa iba ay nagpabago sa buhay nila?

Lumipas na ang taon ngunit wala pa din nagbago. Sino ang hinihintay nyo? Ang Gobyerno nyo? C P-noy na ating pangulo? Ang pagbabago ay nagmumula sa kalaliman ng isang puso. Isang puso na tanging tao lang ang meron. Kelan ka pa magbabago, kapag isang unos pa ang tumangay sayo?

Ayaw mo naman siguro masama sa mga nasadlak sa buhay na ganito? Buhay na sanay na sa dagok at bagyo.

Cooking Show

"Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning -The fast and the furious"

We fought hard but its just not enough for us to take home the smiles and break the curse of loosing on a single team per game record. We started the game with energy but when we saw our team slumping we didn't make any effort to boost them up. 3rd quarter, last 5:36, we are trailing by 18, all the student and the team does is complain on the referees and give them words that are shameful for a Catholic Vincentian School. I even admit it - "Putang Ina Mo Ref, Fuck you, Mamatay ka na!" when i saw that fumble during the fourth quarter where Will Stinett fell to the ground and a NO CALL by the refs and it ended up on the hands of Ateneo. That is crazy, I felt like shit and hopeless. We were trailing by 14 and hearing voices of Ateneo's "ONE BIG FIGHT!" while the student behind me was shouting "ONE CLEAN FIGHT!".