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You healed me without second thoughts

Like it!

" The essence of salvation that Jesus Christ taught us did not came from his grave or his tomb, It came from his suffering on the cross"

Yesterday i went off the office early to pick up mika on her office. I decided to drop by on a bookstore near her office to look for some updates on photography magazines. Saw i went there to burn my spare time while waiting for her time out. I stumbled on this book entitled - "Thank you, You healed me without second thoughts" and found that verse(above).

I returned to those days were i thought of those enders. I taught life is all about pain and sorrow. But here i am now. Able to stand and say thank you for teaching me to patiently wait and heal. Happy is where my life at right now.

When someone told me stories of pain, I always find a way for him or her how to get out. How did i get out. I don't know if i had a certain knack on giving good and well justified reasons for people asking for endless questions of hopelessness.

Now i realized. Faith taught me to wait. It's not BOB ONG's words or any. All healing starts on suffering. Hope is caused by Hopelessness. Verses of  good news is what i heard, not my ipod or any emo pathetic music. I kept clinging because i can see a light, not a shallow grave that waits. I kept loving because god loves me and i know even there's a test i will make my way through it because Jesus saved me.

We walk in the so called "JOURNEY" and we tend to forget how salvation started.

Keep your faith. Soon everything will heal and fall into its place.

What a GOOD MORNING i have :)

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