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"Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn't matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning's winning -The fast and the furious"

We fought hard but its just not enough for us to take home the smiles and break the curse of loosing on a single team per game record. We started the game with energy but when we saw our team slumping we didn't make any effort to boost them up. 3rd quarter, last 5:36, we are trailing by 18, all the student and the team does is complain on the referees and give them words that are shameful for a Catholic Vincentian School. I even admit it - "Putang Ina Mo Ref, Fuck you, Mamatay ka na!" when i saw that fumble during the fourth quarter where Will Stinett fell to the ground and a NO CALL by the refs and it ended up on the hands of Ateneo. That is crazy, I felt like shit and hopeless. We were trailing by 14 and hearing voices of Ateneo's "ONE BIG FIGHT!" while the student behind me was shouting "ONE CLEAN FIGHT!".

Winning is winning. Adamson U came unprepared. Admit it! No one wants to shoot and put the basket hard enough to rift the hearts of the opponent. Alvarez early fouls blew us. Austin's missed layups during the early minutes might have changed the game. Camson with short jumpers. Lozada don't want to take his 3 pointers, Nuyles kept shooting jumpers instead of slashing and many more bitter things. The only bright thing about us is the two dunks that includes Austin's double pump monster slam and those free throws that kept coming during the first 3 quarters and of course the pep squad's effort on the halftime break.

Final 4 game is really an elevated level of game ball. Wala na kayo sa eliminations. I want to call the attention of the school community on creating a better program of college basketball for our team. I heard that Galinato will be the only player not eligible to play next season for the team. We dont need a revamp, what we need is a program!

Soar high falcons! Fly high! We believe :)

Bawal epal. Blog ko to!

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Nice blog! i agree.. ive watched the game live yesterday. obvious ung about sa wrong & no calls ng mga refs. yep totoo yon. pero the fact na talagang panget ang nilaro nila kahapon un ang mas dapat makita nila.

hahaha daming sinasabi eh talo talaga kayo samin nyahahaha asa pa kayong mga squatters na taga adamson hahaha

squatters po ba? hahahaha, sige na kayo na "mayaman".
pero sorry po ha, kasi mga squatters po ang may ugaLing ganyan. kawawa ka naman. hehehehe


Winning is winning - Tapos!;)

Bad calls or not. Adamson lost

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