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Baguio Sizzle : So Good and So Cheap

Like it!

We had a vacation getaway in Baguio and had a great time. Of course i wont mention epic stories in Baguio anymore but i don't want to miss this post talking about this great and cozy dine that we had in Session Road, Sizzling Plate Baguio. This is totally different to the Sizzling plate that you may find in SM foodcourts (sizzling plate without the sizzle - crap!).

So what do we have in menu? Australian Meats and Steaks? Price - Good. Porterhouse, Sate, Chicken BBQ, Grilled Pork Chop, Salisbury, T-bone, Tenderloin and i hope i didn't miss any main dishes but i bet i did. Plus some available juices and deserts to max up your appetite.

And so we ordered Salisbury Stake and Grilled Porkchop served with atchara. Mango juice and Calamansi juice. Plus a late serving of leche flan for our desert. All good!

After a 10 to 15 minutes of wait and exchange of jokes and stories about the rainy nights in Baguio - Dinner was served.

But you are the who's going to make your plate sizzle - and that is nice. You are the one who will pour in the steak sauce into your sizzling plate. The only thing to worry is accidents, of course don't be a dumb ass shit on putting the steak sauce on your plate just slowly pour down the sauce on your plate as it sizzles.

Now, my salisbury stake is topped with an egg and serve with fresh vegetables of course Baguio's pride. and same prep with Mika's grilled thick pork chop. Now with a calamansi juice and mango juice we went full and had enough but still we have to deal with the desert leche flan.It taste good at first but once you had at least 3 to 4 spoons you'll taste the "dayap" in it. "Mapait"

So with all the meals salvaged into our digestion. I have to pay. Surprising we were only billed 320 Pesos for those meals including the leche flan. See so cheap. Its like eating a C3 meal in Jollibee and getting a desert. The restaurant has an amazing look and feel from the outside and much more in the inside. This is a good restaurant that i can score 9 of 10 - a must place to dine on visiting Session Road Baguio.


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