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Movie Title: Unstoppable
Genre: Suspense & Drama

Stars: Denzel Washington as Frank
         Chris Pine as Will
         Rosario Dawson as Connie

Favorite Movie Quote:
"You are a funny guy. Well-trained, but funny. " -Frank to Will

My Quote:
"Unstoppable Movie of the Year!"

I grew up seeing movies of Denzel Washington, and this review would probably be bias but i got to have this. The Book of Eli, Pelham, American Gangsters, JohnQ, Remember the Titans and tons of great movies. Denzel Washington (a fan of Manny Pacquiao) delivers another great movie through this Unstoppable Movie.

Unstoppable was inspired by a true story. An unmanned train running for disaster is on the loose. On the other side of the railroad there's a children's day out for train ride - Fieldtrip. Picture the disaster that would about to happen. With an added flavor that the train operators lately discovered, their unmanned train is carrying a hazardous chemical called molten phenol. Total disaster.

The fate of the local people in Penn is on the train management's hand. Which one will save lives? An evacuation as a precaution. A foolish attempt of the local police to stop it. A stupid decision made by railway owners. A heroic act of two train personnels. Meet Frank, a railway engineer, an experience veteran that has some fair share of struggles with his family and Will a young conductor who has some issues on his wife.

All on this unstoppable ride that takes your breath away.

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