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Finding Someone

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It's been 14days since 2011 and I haven't write anything. Good day that I started lousy today, slowly waking up from bed. The only thing that's good today is what i read from the "Libre Newspaper", a mini news paper that's given for free for MRT passengers. Love notes section - Joe D Mango.

I love the way Joe dropped his lines to the letter sender (On finding someone...)

"Being blessed is not always about finding someone new to love but being able to continue to love someone who we have always had and nurturing that love every single day"

When people feel that their being left out, they try hard to find someone. Someone to give their love and care, but the truth is when people get hurt, they tend to close their hearts and protect it from the hurting that they feel inside. Starts to show strength when people ask them about the bad experiences they had. And since you're successful in closing your heart you can no longer see that your still blessed.

Learn to open your heart and believe on the word "HOPE". We are blessed for we have family that keeps watching us from afar, We have peers who will say 'heads up' whenever we feel hiding, We have friends who will listen to us and keep remind us to keep pushing.

Finding someone to share our love is isn't about finding someone new, Its about being content and appreciating the love that we have from someone we always had and nurturing that love in every single day of our lives.

Happy first post! 2011...

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