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Famous Last Words (The Verdict)

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I just want to quote the notes of Angelo Reyes from PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism)

"Honor, truth, justice. Honor above all else. Pride goes with it, self-respect, sense of legacy. This is very, very important to me."

"Stonewalling, I am told, would result in a long, protracted legal battle. However, past cases are not being resolved either way, kept in state of limbo. People’s memories are short and all this will eventually fade into public disinterest, and eventually oblivion. So, not to worry."

"Coming clean, on the other hand, cannot be done without giving up something"

"The truth can cut two ways: 1. If you are guiltless, you can embrace the truth and hope that it will protect you; 2. If you are not guiltless, speak the truth and it shall set you free."

"Living life without honor is a tragedy bigger than death itself."

"...and so I choose the path of honor."

"It is unfortunate that we have a huge canvas here of which, I admit, I have been a part; unfortunately, people are now inclined to make me the face of that problem for their own various reasons."

"I might not be guiltless/faultless, but I am not as evil as some would like to portray."

"Honor, truth, but there must be justice. And justice can be served if laws are applied evenly and well – not favoring the rich and powerful. "

"I stuck it out with the GMA administration for 9 years, not under the banner of loyalty; I could have deserted GMA, but I did not want to be branded as someone who abandoned his superiors…”

"I did not invent corruption. I walked into it."


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