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Point of Endearment o Pet Name?

Like it!

Have you ever face the problem of differentiating point of endearment from pet names?

Of course point of endearment are for lovers, pet names are for your household pets.LOL

One of my friend had this thing.. She called her "Tatang" and the guy call her "Nanang", someway..somehow they are not lovers but they are great great friends. Many people thought that they would be lovers but as years goes by they were not.

I know a guy who has been inlove for years and trapped in because of expecting that these pet names are meant for something deeper. I know., the girl told me "I love him.,he is my friend" well i just laughed. Come on, you're playing someone's heart here(For me).

"Pinapaasa mo lang siya. Maaring sayo pet name lang yun pero deep inside sa kanya Point of Endearment na yun.. Marinig lang nya na tinatawag mo siya sa pet name eh pumapalakpak na tenga nya." How did i know? Naramdaman ko kaya yun dati..Motibo my friend!

Bob Ong wrote:

"Kung hindi mo mamahalin ang isang tao wag ka magpakita ng motibo para mahalin ka nito"

Pet names are for animals like dogs, cats, birds, etc.. Point(Terms) of endearment are for love ones.. Maybe this is something not that big but take a look at the big picture.

The girl told the guy "Stop it..Yung term na Nanang at Tatang hindi yun point of endearment., wala lang yun kaya hindi ka dapat umasa..Kasalanan mo!"

See...That could be the ender of your so called Pet Name.


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