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Back As One?

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"I remember the boy...but i don't remember the feeling anymore"

Akala ko nung una, sincere yung nagpaabot ng sticky note na to. Yun pala...

The girl told me that she broke up with her boyfriend because she felt that she's not being appreciated anymore by the boy. She was claiming that she lost all those old feelings for the guy.

As you read from the note "Napagod na ako mahalin ka" she went weary and tired of loving the boy.

Things went pretty ugly when she told me that she is also falling for a guy who is sweet, caring and acting like he is someone that she really waited for. But they had a pretty ugly special friend relationship that became hell discovering that the guy doesn't like her. Saying "Sorry, I didn't mean to give you the wrong feeling"

Fuck! Sweet lang pala talaga si Guy, FLIRT! Eat my shit!

She broke up with his 1+ year boyfriend dahil naramamdaman nyang di na sila tulad ng dati. She get tangled up with a dream guy and eventually get dumped. The guy only said that hindi nya sinasadya na bigyan motibo ung feelings nya for the girl. That's life!

After a few days, sila na ulet nung boy nya from the note. Yep, si Boy1! LOL...all i can do is smile.

People commit mistakes. As always, love is unconditional. Yes its suffocating for love to be routinary, but relationship is between two people who keep understanding each others misfits. Ang depensa ko lang sayo "Tao ka lang, maaring nagkulang si ***** at na feel mo na baka mapunuan ng ibang tao yun kaya mo nagawa yun." Panakip butas? Mejo! Slyt...But love is love...

Oh well...Just remember this. "Hindi sa lahat ng panahon kaya ng guy sunduin at ihatid ang isang girl" Sa kanta lang ni Ely Buendia yun..Napapagod din kami lalo na pag agen and agen na lang... You should let him do stuffs which he enjoys to do. Mahirap kasi na paikutin ang buhay ng isang tao. Tiwala lang yan :D


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