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Love Hurts - Happy Ending?

Like it!

Let it go! Like what I always say when someone ask me what to do if their love failed them over and over. Letting go is definitely one of the most hardest thing to do in life, It's an easy to say but hard thing to do. I just want to quote the words that Joe D Mango wrote on love notes column in Libre Newspaper.

"It's sad but true, love doesn't always have a happy ending. There are times that we ask ourselves why do we have to find love only to loose it."

Indeed a love that last is not written on fairy tales nor can be watched in the movie screen wherein the lead characters live a happily ever after scenery at the end of their story. Love is about giving and sharing it to someone unconditionally day by day rather than just dreaming for what's there upfront.

"When we love a person it usually brings out the best in us. When that person stops loving us and we still choose to continue loving that person - we become miserable...The more we love the more we are drawn far from reality"

Just like what i said from my previous post. "Mahirap talaga umasa, pero yung lang ang pwede mo gawin pra masatisfy kaDenying the truth and blinding yourself can become addictive. The further you get into it the deeper the ground that you are digging. We keep on dreaming that we can take back the love that we lost. Until it eats us.

"Stop looking back for love that will make its way back to you. It wouldn't be coming from behind. It should always be there in front of you. If you miss it, then move ahead."

When love hurts, It cripple us, we tend to just lie down in the bed and weep beneath on our pillows. Some people say that they are strong but come on' at the end of the day you're sitting your ass and you'll think how much you have lost and cry.

Then cry...and cry, and cry. Until your eyes are drained with tears. After that! Live your life without any regrets. In every storm or rain or anything, there's a rainbow that gives us hope.

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