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Outsourcing Scam : Beware!

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I am thankful that i was once became a part of this big time company located in the heart of Makati-Ayala business district. Thanks to the training in vb and that they have given us.

For a while it was a very good way to start my career in this so called IT industry but as the days goes by my start up with them became a living hell. Oops sorry for that term.

I found my self wasting my time sitting my ass and waiting and waiting for nothing.

Before this all began they told us upon the orientation that if they endorse us to a client and the client feels you are a perfect piece for them then there you will be deployed. With that is a condition that we'll pass the training and all those revalidation exams to be offered by their clients, with "s" because they told us that they are big time and everybody in this country believe that yes they are so they have many clients. And they promised us that they'll offer us to other business partners that they have if we wont get accepted by their other clients.

I had so much fun on our 1 & a half months of training in asp and, we're getting paid while doing the training, unlike any other IT consulting company.

After the it's about time to face the ultimate truth. Its eviction time fellas, just like in Big Brother, 4 of us was immediately evicted so from 15 guys down 11,. the 4 didn't made it because they failed to pass the training days.

After that we we're now sent for a week-long revalidation exam of one of their bigtime roots, a bank probably just for you to picture it out. After a long week 5 of 11 we're hired by this bank so how many was left behind? 6? i am one of those six.

The next day was a surprise, our boss told us that we'll have to make our resignation paper immediately. What a fucking surprise. They only have one client for .net and they are kicking our asses out to the office. We resigned as they said without any contest because we we're rookies back then. And the agreement that they'll offer us to another client was just verbal.


If only i didn't got to much pressured on landing my first job. I could have not bite in the bait of a fucking scam.

Guess what i am still a mother fucking lucky piece of bastard. I landed a job quickly after that scam. My colleagues left in that BIG time company will be there for 3 years because of that fucking miserable contract that they signed. They are getting less on what a .net programmer should rate. The secrets we're leaking., java people we're rating 18-20k and they are just getting 12.

hahaha..last laugh to us, people who we're kicked out because of their tight policy.
Thanks for a while. I learned my lessons.

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