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Scars and Promises

Like it!

If only holding

you at the hand is
enough.,I would grab
hold it

This never ending
tears could have not
happened, if only
i forged ever chances.

Now we're so so
broken, i don't know if
i can fix this, if we can
fix this.

Our promises
we're just a burden
Now i don't know
what's next to

I told you that ill love you
through every changing
seasons, but now i
can't find any single

I thought that this
love would last,
but now its all written
as scars from the past.

P.S. My love for you was so strong,
it could even destroy me=(

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kære bags:)

Hvordan går det med dig??:))

I said, How are you na? Astig mga nakasulat sa blog mo. Totally awesome!! Nga pala, narecieve mo ba msg ku sa fs mo?? Cge na please?? Gawan moko kung hindi ka busy.. Sabi ka lng kung mgkano ang price, matino po akong kausap. Please????????????????????????????

ahaha..sorry now ko lng to na open. If you are reading this missy. Sooory. Okay. ill work on it. pramis!=)hmm...sorry ehehe

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