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Meet and Greet

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I had a nice time last friday. I met with someone whom i never thought id be meetin this month of the year.

Damn she's pretty looking girl(Isn't she?). She's my "textmate" and "chatmate", im always asking this girl when we are going to meet. Finally we agreed and it was last friday. But there's a purpose, she wants me to take a look at her portable(laptop) that dont boot successfully after an on and off scenario at her home(thank god, i have this somewhat kind of talent on fixing stuffs like that)

-- 7:00am

- I woke up and when i looked at the clock, it's 7. i looked at my phone and i saw her name-received an sms from her."Good Morning", damn i realized she's up and probably on a bus ride now. We're meeting at 7eleven near CGH and by the way she is from bulacan-lomo de gato i think, that's why she has to wake early because our agreed meeting time is at 9am.

-half an hour has past. I started moving my ass to prepare the house for my visitor.

-- 8:00am

-I received another sms from her "txt n lng kita pg andun nq" and all i said is "whew.. this is real" after preparing the house, I prepare my self. I don't want to be a mess since this the first and only could be the chance to meet her.

-- 8:30am

- I received an sms again "andito nako. bile nq pagkain ha"
-Poofs. With a smile on my face i whispered. "okay". its just a two minute "traysikel" ride from home to reach the meeting place and so i follow my foot to pick her up.

-as soon as i arrived, i saw her immediately in the cashier paying for something.. i want to surprise her and so i didn't call her attention first. As soon as she sat., i approached her and say "psst.(her name)!"

-and there she started act like she was so surprised

the scenes we're so fast. All i did is stared at her. Watch her face and smile.
girl : "kumain ka na?" she said as she stands and try to buy me something.
me: "wag na, sa bhay na lng"
girl : "Hindi okay lng libre ko"
me: "wag na"
as we went out the 7eleven, she acted really funny. Instead she follow me since i am the one who knows way back to our home. I followed her.
she said:

Damn. She is talking and talking, but that was good because all those times i was just staring at her, watching her nice glossy hair (may be out of imagination, but she is really pretty.)

I had so much stuffs to smile when we we're home. We keep on talking and talking about stuffs that just float in the air. It's like we knew each other personally. We had so many exchange of thoughts. While fixing her portable we we're sharing personal profiles with each other.

Staring at her is my favorite hobby that time. Just to make the chance worth it.

The battery of her portable is not working and so volunteered to help her find replacement for it.(so we could meet again). So as the meeting purpose was done, she left her battery, and we left.We because i went with her just to make sure that she will go home safely.

And that's it. The staring is over. A short walk with her and she took a bus ride again.

Thanks for that funny moments.

It's nice to meet you.

I cant wait to see you again.

by the way thanks to the ipod copy of twilight movie.

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