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Friend or Lover?

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If you're reading this blog post for sure you've been on this situation. Me and my officemate talked about this concept of becoming a friend or lover while eating lunch. We agreed on the same thing.

"Pag tinapon mo na ang isang bagay o kya ikaw ang itinapon at iniwan wag ka ng umasa na maibabalik mo pa ang kahapon at magiging friends kayo. One way or another wag mo na sabihin na both of you would be better kung friends kayo"

Why? That's the biggest lie that you could face when you are on this kind of situation. Maybe your big mouth can say that you're okay with friends but deep inside someone(both of you) is still expecting for something more. Whispering the words of love. Soon you'll demand for affection and when you speak it out someone is gonna be hurt

When you hurt someone. When you tend to break someone's heart don't attempt to make a bail out by saying that "we're friends". Yes you are gonna be friends but not now, nor tomorrow, or next week or next month. Healing takes time. Someone is hurting. Pay respect by quieting your mouth so you wont put blame to someone.

Just walk away. Don't spare any words that may complicate things.

Walking away is not a cowardly act. But you walked away because you don't want to hurt her/him. You don't want to spare hurtful words that may destroy everything you did for love.

Pray that soon your roads are going to cross again. "Pag kayo. Kayo naman talaga!"

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