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Pessimistic but wise!

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Haha. For the first time a friend of mine asked me to post a blog entry on pessimism and optimism. He sited a situation wherein he rather be pessimist not because he perceive situations in a negative way but he only wants to anticipate things before it happens. "preventive measures"lol

"Parehas lang tayo., mas gugustuhin ko muna alamin lahat ng posibleng mangyari bago ko sunggaban ang isang bagay"

It always depend on past experiences. If you failed once, why would you do the same stupid shit again wherein you would put things on the line and fail. Learn your lessons. Past experiences makes us stronger than ever. Past experiences prepare us for tomorrow. People grow from their past experiences.

Pessimism is Will over Reason. Pessimism becomes terrible when you don't want to push things further because you are afraid.

"You wouldn't find what you are searching for if you wouldn't take a closer look"

Love: "Loving someone is all about taking risk. You will not find out that she or he loves you(vice versa) if you are afraid to take the risk." If you get scars and bruises stand strong. If you fall 7 times stand up 8! don't be afraid to love someone again. You would not find something special if you are not going to look for it!

Life is short. If you are afraid to take another step foot forward then so be it. Cry on the darkest corner of your room. Waste your time weeping on the heavy loads that you are shouldering. I pitty those kind of people. Instead of giving a hand to them id choose to step on their head and laugh on them.

Pessimism and Optimism always boils down to this, "Motivation". Life is all about choices. Be happy or be sorry!lol

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