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The Day You Said Goodnight

Like it!

Who could forget this song!? So good to the ears. Love and Adored by many. Bring so much of the good old college days. I played this song on our store and as i watch people pass by..i knew this was a hit and not just a hit but blockbuster hit!

Many of the people sing with this song as soon as they here these words "To be is all i gotta be...And all that i see. And all that i need this time. To me the life you gave me...The day you said goodnight."

It changed the OPM Industry somehow... It lasted for about 17weeks on Myx Top Ten and OPM Chart at number 1 spot. Unbeatable!. It went Triple Platinum in may 2006 - It sold 90,000 copies.

Hale - The Day You Said Goodnight
Released April 2005

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