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People Need

Like it!

What do people need?

Havaianas and Flip Flops to walk?
Fancy Car for sake of the so called Chick Magnet?
A Condo Unit or Town House for Exclusive Living?
Cool Mobile Phone for Small Talks?
iPhone and Smart Phones for Status Symbol?
Mocha Frap for Chalk Talks?
Lacoste for Clothing?
Nike or Adidas for Sporting?
Converse Chucks and Hoodies?
Perfume to wear on?
Chocolates and Cakes for Sweets?
Restos and Grills for Fine Dine?
Cigarette for Dessert?
Liquor for Sleep?
Bags and Pockets for keeping?
Yacht for Fishing?
Laptop and Notebooks for Posing?
Boys and Girls for Fling?
iPod for music?
PSP for gaming?
Bar and Clubs for SHIT-FULL things?

We forgot to live the way life suppose to be. Look around. Are you living like me? Living like them? Are you living for them? or just for yourself? Living for money and for your own survival?

Live life as simple as you can. I'm not cleaning my hands here. Doing some role playing here. Change always come from inside.

Life is just like this. LIVE OR DIE.

Find love from other peoples heart! Give love to other people. They need it! Many people need it!

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