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She cry and cry

Like it!

This is funny right? But more like fuck you who do you think you are!

She cried in front of me and all i can say is "Huuy..hindi pa katapusan ng mundo mo" then i grab her by her shoulders and said "Tama na..kala mo kasi kaya mo.."

She is someone so dear to me. I feel her pain. I feel her agony. She was cheated by a person that she loves. She is so stupid for that person that she still pretend that everything is going to be okay even the pain and the wounds is aggravating. She was holding her hankey that time and all i can do is get it from her hand and wipe those tears that flow non stop from her eyes. She cry and cry.

Its like hey i'm good at comfort on my friends(mostly girls) when they are in so much pain. Giving shitful advices acting like i know everything about love. Acting like I'm part of a radio station joe'd mango like guy.

But that day was different. That's the first time someone cried in front of me. Not on SMS or Call. The next thing i do is sit beside her and tell her stories about my friend that was killed on accident back then. I told her how life for me is. I told her "Hindi lang ikaw ang umiiyak ngayon kaya wag mo angkinin ang luha".. "Di pa katapusan ng lahat dahil sa niloko ka ng boyfriend mo"..

Fuck you! You don't know how much pain you gaved to her. For 1 straight week she weeps under her pillows,.her eyes were so red that she could not even go out on her room because people will laugh at her. She couldn't even get to sleep because of you! Fuck you! You don't deserve her. Fuck those guys who commit infidelities and still pretend like there's nothing wrong!

I sat beside her and told her "Tama na yan..ililibing na lng kita kung gusto para mas mapabilis ka"

Thank god she smiled a bit. 

I feel her pain. I don't know how can i ease those pain. All i can do for now is love her and put back her life into something that you didn't give her. Show care like there's no more tomorrow so she would know someone is there for her. Ill show her how to find love on other peoples heart. Ill pull her in and hide her in my jacket. So no one would see her cry. She'll be strong and grow more as she continue her so called journey -life.

I love her. I want to heal those pain that you put into her. I will. If it takes my life. I will!

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