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Love hurts

Like it!

"You can never say that it is love what you have until you get hurt"

We remained strong after all those weird stuffs that happened to us this past few weeks. I almost thought that it was the end of the line but i kept praying and keep asking for answers.

God never fails

Someone told me that hurting makes love last., Yes hurting can destroy your love for one another but it can make you grow a little bit more. Just learn to trust.

Of course listening is a good idea., Quiet times together allows you to talk about the things that tries to break into your doorsteps. Learning to admit one's mistake is the best thing.

Loving someone is easy, but keeping a relationship that lasts is hard if you're the only one who wants to keep it.

Love is for 2 people who has the same eternal feeling for each other. I'm so blessed. I love you bhe..

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