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Men are Dorks

Like it!

 I was hopping around my network and it happened that i passed by on her blog

"Men from my time are DORKS! If the story of sleeping beauty happens today it would end up with sleeping beauty being sexually molested."

or Snow White and the 7 Maniac

May be dahil sa past experiences nya. Siguro may nasalubong syang lasing at humihingi ng kiss mula sa kanya... Siguro pag napapadaan sya sa kanto nila eh me pumipito sa kanya.

Those DORKS are loosers my friend.

Don't loose hope on the fact that soon you'll find someone who will treat you well. He'll comfort you and treat you the best that he can. Yung susunduin ka after work Yung pupunta sa bahay mo pag masama pakiramdam mo. Someone who trully cares. You're pretty inside and out. It is not neccessary that you go on a gym just to keep your body in shape para may magkagusto sayo.

If love happens, Ma pa ano ka pa. Ma pa ano pang figure mo. Scarface ka pa. Pogi. Panget o Maganda. Love is love. No measuring sticks para sabihin mo na "Ay Gusto ko Sya!!!"

Oh well. I miss you my friend. Keep fighting. Soon you'll get what you deserve.

Listen to this song.. Emo muna tayo.hahahaha

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