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Thank you my friend

Like it!

Life is a bit cruel
on my heart
I lost her and all
starts falling apart

I thought it was the
end of the line
but you were there
to make me feel fine

I use to hide and shed
my tears on the pillow
but you pave away those
tears on a simple hello

I don't know if you're
heaven sent
but I'm happy now
knowing you are my friend

Yesterday scars were
finally healing
thanks for the time
It's surely worthkeeping

P.S. I wrote this poem for

my buddy "Jeca" - Thanks for being someone special and so dear to me.
Kreng - Those never ending exchange of thoughts. I appreciate it. A lot.
Jheng - Thanks Jheng. You were there telling me that time will heal everything.
Des - For those movie titles that kept my heart warm again.
Enjie - Thank you so much. You were there telling me to stop.
Misy - Though nsa denmark ka na. anjan k p din. ehehehe

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