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Missed Post - Coming Soon (lol)

Like it!

I'm so freaking busy these days that i couldn't even post a single word on my blog.

Well I'm so hype with my work. Doing wordpress shits and DM2 thing. SEO campaigns and may more.

In days ill post a review about my SEO101 seminar conducted on Adamson U. That was last Feb 21(
how i wish that i could get connected on paola so i can grab pictures from that event.)

Ill post a movie review on "Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru", A Japanese movie(thanks Des!) ive seen from - visit this site guys. Tons of korean and Japanese Movies!. Perfect!

Ill post a movie review on "Christmas on August",

Ill post something about a sms talk that i had with rez. I don't know. but i will. I'm having very fast memory loss so i want to write that small chit-chat we had about our past.

Ill hook some poems. I made new writings supposed to be given to a friend that promised to meet with me last month but we are too busy and we can't meet. So i'll post it here.

What else? Im meeting Riza tomorrow my cs105 pal. Ill post reviews on her to. That's cool!.lol

So i got tons of missed post.

COMING SOON! hahahaha

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