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"What if our hands are meant to fit like this?"

Its 2:45, saturday afternoon
I'm sitting next to a girl whom i always wanted to be with.
It's almost been a year since i last saw her.

All the scenes were very fast
All i can do is stare on her face
look into her eyes
smell her scent...(sigh)

Until i get the chance. I hold her hands again. I remember that day, i asked her if i can hold her hand and she refused.

Now I began asking my self again (While holding her hands). If there's no love why would you let me hold your hands again?

She's my everything, She's my heroine. My love for her was so strong that i couldn't stay away anymore. Even she is not around i keep fallin and fallin for her. Holding her hand and Experiencing those things makes me live a year more than anybody. She is my lifeline.

I'm playing with her fingers as if it was mine. I whispered to her.

"I love you. All i can do is love you and love you."

She kept quiet hearing those words. Suddenly she told me something,

"Hintayin mo ako bags, pag 30 na ako"

I smiled a bit when i heard those words from her, Yeah, i know her family. I know the situation on their family. All i can do is put my head on her shoulder (facing her shoudler) Smelling her fumes but actually i was kissing her shoulder - unitentionally. I didn't asked her anything when i heard those words. I just said this to my self (I didn't asked you to marry me? What i am asking you is to love me. just love me the way i am loving you today. I dont know tomorrow, I can't even come back for yesterday.).

She is my life. If i would have a house i would have it through our shared dreams and thoughts of having it. I love her so.

And so while sitting on a couch we had an exchange of stories.


3:45. We got to keep going and so we left off.

Now It's back to reality. I don't know what would be the next story.

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grabe naman toh buddy pang telenobela!!! hekhekhek...

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