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Koizora ("Sky of love")

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Title : Koizora (November 2007)
Genre: Drama and Romance

Yui Aragaki as Mika Tahara
Haruma Miura as Hiro Sakurai

Natsuki Imai

"Young love can be too aggressive, painful and yet it when it struck someone it's unpredictable"
"Its a real picture of love among their ages"
"Heart Warming Tearjerker"

Koizora (Sky of love) is a well told story of two high school students who fall in love. A love that defied every odds as their love story goes.

The story began when mika lost her phone. She searched for it and she found her phone on the library, As it rings and Mika answered the call she was introduced to a guy whom at first keeping his secret identity(It was Hiro).

Mika and Hiro became close through never ending SMS and Calls. One morning they saw a jetplane accross the sky, they both take picture of it so when the meet and greet time comes that's the only thing that they both have to show as a proof. And so they decided to finally meet there was a somewhat kind of disapointment from Mika. But then when love strucks. love strucks!.

This is not an ordinary japanese or somewhat kind of an old fashioned korean movie. The love of Hiro and Mika showcased so much of youth and love.

Their love grew as far as reality is concerned. There were so many trials that came on their relationship. "As in". You'll be shocked how real the story line was.

The way the story end's was something usual though. But surely, Koizora would leave a mark deep into someone's heart. At the end you'll find that love was never meant to end. Real love won't simply end;)

Favorite Scene: The Black Board writing scene wherein they put their last notes during their last day on their high school. It's so so heart touching.

See this movie: Rating 8 of 10

MySoju link : Koizora (Sky of Love)

I never knew that Yui aragaki(Mika)can sing. Awesome. Sky of Love - OST

Thanks, setokoji18 from youtube. Great Post!

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