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99th Post - Thanks

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This is my 99th post on my personal blog guys. A lot of thanks to those names mentioned on this personal blog that i started last January. For stories, lits, emotions, videos, songs, korean movies and many more. Thanks that you guys became a part of my online journal for almost a year.

Many people think that this is a stupid thing. Writing emotions and letting people get into your life. Well all i can say is this blog became my outlet during those "EMO" days of my life. This is where i put my bitterness and sufferings. I lock it into my blog and use it as a motivation.

This is the place where i put my heart for public

Many people say "If you want to forget someone., put her into literature" well i did, She's just a story now. They are just part of my short but well lived story now. I had no regrets because without all those things that i had when i started this blog i wouldn't have someone like Michel now. Those stories that taught me how to love and what's the feeling of being loved.

As i continue to grow, As i continue to write...

Hope you guys could see how beautiful life can be :D

"Life is like a box of chocolate.. You'll just never know what you're gonna get"

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