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Prayer for her

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This was a message from Noi. Asking me to post this...Thanks tol! Keep writing!

A lot of you may not know me as a religious person. Some of you know me as an agnostic guy. Who believes in God but has a lot of question about his own religion. This prayer might not mean anything for you. But it means a lot to me. As somebody said to me once. "You are a man and you have to stand up on your own two feet". This is my take on standing up, even though admittedly I literally shed a tear while writing this down..

Dear God,

Please help me forget her..

I still love her and it hurts so much...

Please help me let go..

God, I am letting go not because I am giving up on her..

You know how much I want her in my life..

You know how much I love her..

That is why I am praying for this..

I do still want her God..

but I have to let go.. I have to say no..

I want her to be happy..

no matter what that means..

and even though not with me...

I want her to find someone that will treat her with all the love and respect that she deserved from me,

I want her to have someone who will not hurt her in anyway just like the pain I've caused her in the past,

I want her to meet someone who will see her always...

as I do now..

Through your eyes God..


I don't know if this will reach her.. If it did fine.. If it doesn't it will still be okay.. I just want everybody of you to know how much I truly care about her.. I don't want to be selfish anymore.. As I see her happy now.. That is why I have to let go..


You'll always have a place in my heart.. as i said you were one of the best that happened to my life.. and I don't regret loving you as i always do.. Just please take care of your heart as you take care of yourself.. because it will break my heart more if I see you hurting again.. Thank you..

and Goodbye..

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"I want her to find someone that will treat her with all the love and respect that she deserved from me"

-Letting go is the hardest thing. Yes you'll cry but soon you'll realize that you did it for good :D

Thanks Noi!

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