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Hindi Sanay

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"Hindi ako sanay na walang boyfriend eh" -aurence said to me when we had a chalk talk last week

She is having problem on handling long distance relationship.. I passed by her on a chat and she opened up this topic. She was saying that she lost the feeling that she had before and yet she can't find the strength to let go of a love that she had before.

She said to me that she is afraid of being alone.Being left alone. She was used on having someone beside her. I heard this story before on a really close friend who is also having problem on her long distance relationship.

I heard from the mass yesterday - "Ang paghihintay ang sumusukat sa kaligayahan o kagalakan ng isang tao. Hindi sa kung ano yung natanggap nya dahil sa naghintay sya"

I told Aurence to let go. While there's love in their hearts.,let go. Don't let pain and bitterness be the turning point of their relationship. Soon she'll find answers. I remind her to be strong. And if being strong is not enough be stronger, Be more resilient. Find love from other people's heart. Don't live in missery and hate. Continue and be ready.

She said to me "hindi pa naman ako sanay umiyak"

I told her "Natural lang yan. Iyakan mo. Pero be strong"

Celebrate and cherish what you have. Don't grief for what you have lost. Believe that you have to take a step further and learn from your mistakes. Close your eyes and continue to hope for the love that your's alone.

Hindi porke wala ka ng boyfriend o girlfriend eh matatae ka na na maghanap o magpalit. Yeah we all know na you'd love to be loved again but it wont simply happen on a single click. Let go. Pray and Be ready. When love strucks again don't be afraid to put everything on the line again. Don't be afraid to get hurt. Instead of thinking of your past think of what will happen next day, next week, next month and even next year. Move forward. You'll get your answers. And when you look back. You'll know that you did it for good.

Seed love in your heart and share it to others:) Xmas kaya!. Madaming nangangailangan ng love :D

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