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10 is to 100 (100th Blog Entry Special)

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I am counting down 10 most meaningful things that happened to me this year - 2009.

10. iWeB How could i forget them. I started my year with them. I had my very own "First Career Step" that you can call and be proud of with them. With a big staff leasing company like them - It's a dream come true for me. There i met my new buddies like Melisa, Jane, Betchay and Len. I learned wordpress through my senior php programmer pal Dex who loves to be absent rather than be I saw photography with Mon. The Iweb-Olympics is the coolest thing ever. Sadly, Mel, Jane and I had sheer luck with them. For whatever reason we had to leave the company and file our own death-defying stunt resignation. Poofs! We're back on track now. Jane is on Makati, Mel is studying and I work on a reputable company in Search Engine Marketing and Social Media.

9. INTRO to SEO Seminar in Adamson University. I love that experience. Being able to share what i know with my co-comp sci students and returning the favor. I love that! A half day event that changed me from a stupid emo comp sci graduate who loves lurking and strolling around the campus and playing NBAlive in the computer shop sa me walkway into someone called "Sir" - Napaka kagalang galang. A Prof told me "Ito be speaker nyo? Hindi ba isa ka sa mga pasaway dati? Ganyan talaga pag nagkatrabaho..Bumabait"

People grow. Thanks Tsai. Thanks Pao-Pao :D
8. Hang Over Headache I had a hang over with this girl who probably people know all about and who she is. Her words still lingers. "Hindi ko alam..." I learned my lessons from her. She's just a literature now. Sabi ko nga sa girlfriend ko. "Hindi mo ako makikilala kung hindi dumaan si ***** sa buhay ko. Kung nag iba ang takbo ng kuwento ng buhay ko." Well I found love on others people heart. I have Michel now :D

7. Ondoy Helping Hands I don't know what i was thinking those times. I just taught "Ako meron.. Sila walang wala" I root to this people and find love on their hearts. 

It's been a week since Ondoy strucked the Metro and Rosario, Pasig is stilll submerged with water caused by the record breaking Ondoy (As far as hurricane Katrina of New Orleans is concerned).

Jessica, Joy, Dris and Me gaved our best to help victims of  Ondoy. Even though we only have a small group unlike Sagip Kapamilya and other helping orgs of the society we still managed to push this relief operations that we want.

"Kung kayang ko tumulong bakit ko pa ibibigay sa mga orgs na yan..Pwede naman ako na mismo ang tumulong."

I realized how simple life can be when i saw them. I forgot to live my life the way it is suppose to be. I found love from their hearts by giving our hands on them during those days. I love that experience. "Ang buhay simple lang. Mamuhay ka ng simple at isipin mo ang iba. Wag mo kalimutan na ang materyal na bagay eh hindi mo maisasama sa hukay pag namatay ka na. Pag minsan pakiramdam mo wala ng kwenta buhay mo, ilibot mo ang mga mata mo at makikita mo. Ikaw wala lang..sila walang wala!"

6. Good and Luck 3 hours. That's how long it took with my application on my current work right now. After going through Paasa and Balik ka na lang kind of applications. Interview.. Boom. Job offer agad. Sabi nga ni Mam Casela. Goodness and Luck should go hand in hand for you to find a job that fits your skills.

5. Kreng  This year i met this girl.. Well she is someone worth keeping as a friend. Wag ka ng mag attempt man ligaw kasi mag papaka mongha na yata sya. She is so focused on turning her dreams into reality. She told me that "Boyfriend? Distraction lang yan. Di ko kailangan"lol. Well I'm happy that i have someone like her. She always listen whenever I'm into trouble. She always give medications that comes along with lectures. Thanks kreng!
4. Loyola  I always promise Jhen that if ill meet the right someone ill bring it to her. But i wasn't able to bring anyone in Loyola until someone sms me. 612am saying "Panget...Punta ka dito Abad Santos.. date tyo!" wtf! early morning date? Where should we go? and so I decided to take her on loyola and tell some stories of how i learn and live my life now.

3. Facebook, Blogger, Twitter and Plurk Tell me. Sino ba naman hindi naadik? Forget Friendster. It became shit like due to some malicious shit invaded FS.

2. Meet the Family  I am thankful that it was her. Her family was so nice to me. Nanay and Tatay, Elel and Unyor. Nothing more to ask. I love them. I always feel at home whenever I'm with them.

1. Michel I love her. She loves me. My feelings for her is eternal. Nagseselos sya kasi wala daw siya sa blog ko. Well mas gusto kong ipagdamot lahat ng ala-ala namin kaysa ilagay ko sa blog ko.

I love you bhe... Di sasapat ang blog ko para isulat kung gano kita ka mahal. Mahal na mahal kita. mwah!


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ang kessooo naman.. yayks!!
yan ba napapala ng mabagal na net
at next year pa sasahod? lulz
happy new year!!
peace out!

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