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Crying out loud in the center of the earth

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Title : Sekai no chûshin de, ai o sakebu (May 2004)
(Crying out loud in the center of the world)
Genre: Romance and Tragedy

Cast: Takao Osawa as Sakutaro
Masami Nagasawa as Aki
Kou Shibasaki as Ritsuko

Director: Isao Yukisada

"First love never dies"
"There will be a time in a person's life wherein he/she would love someone truly and deeply but then again it's not just enough to make that beloved love him/her back."
"love gives immortality"
"This movie is more matured than what the korean cinema delivered in My Girl and I"

This movie is awesome. You might get annoyed of it's running time since its almost like watching a lord of the ring epic saga or watching 3 discs vcd of Gladiator movie by Russel Crow but it's worth it.

This movie would really change your life. No wonder it's #1 in Japan when it was released and even now get into or still it's a top notch heavy drama, romantic and tragic movie.

"When you die? Does love dies too?" That's the question of Aki, lead character on this epic movie that marks everyone who have seen this movie. Aki was so afraid of being forgotten that she asked his beloved saku that question when they robbed the grave of their high school principal in order to collect at least a piece of bone just to give it to saku's uncle.

The movie starts on a present year. Ritsuko and Saku are about to get married but then again they both find their way back on the past. Saku find himself back on their old village and return to the places where he found his first love - Aki. And that's where the story really unfolds.

I cant say that this movie is a tearjerker - there is no need for a jerk to make you cry while watching this movie. When you saw real love conquers everything definitely you will cry. I dont know on what movie i can compare this one because it's really one of a kind and unmatched by any other country that made version out of their own thought with this movie. The Korean's has their own My Girl and I (You are the Centre of my World) movie that happens to be a more youthfull version of this movie.

This movie is recommended. If you just cant get enough of japanese or korean movies, see this movie. I love it and it's worth of my collection. you can sms me or post a reply here so i can personally hand you a dvd rip copy of it.

Favorite Scene: There was a scene in this movie wherein Saku was standing in front of a piano and Aki was playing. Picture it out. The next scene's become more dramatic than ever that it would really make your heart drop to the floor.

See this movie: Rating 10 of 10 link : Crying out loud in the center of the world
This link is under repair on, I have dvd though.

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