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Hey Mister Art Garcia!

I can't believe that you are putting the Portland Trailblazers out of the picture already. Huh!

If there's a lower-seeded team that can put a 1st round playoff upset, it has to be the Blazers. Oh Man, Entering the Playoffs they are riding a 6 game win streak. Facing the most famous 1st round party people Houston Rockets?lol. Sorry for the Rockets, Ill Give them up to Game 6, Portland Owns it!

Blazers might be young at playoffs but they are playing superb basketball, they are well coached and they can out run you and even burn you from the 3pt country. Mano Amano the Spanish Connection of Rodriguez and Fernandez is exceptional. Clutch? Huh! Brandon Roy and LaMarcus Aldridge can brake your heart!

May be the Rockets has Defenders but the question is, Can Yao Ming Play 40+ minutes without getting an Asthma against this young and well motivated line up of Blazers? Aldridge, Oden, Pryzbilla and Frye can all play big time! Chuck hayes? Scola? Landry?lol. They are all bunch of 6'8'' or 9'' may I have to laugh on them, How can you match up with the Portland in terms of Rebounding?

And hey dont count out Jerry Bayless playing against Aaron Brooks or Kyle Lowry. It's young bloods match up. Let's bring back college hoops!lol

The Blazer and Rockets might be a good match up "BUT" sorry for the Rockets. They are exiting the first round playoffs again!



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The reason he didn't list the Blazers as one of the teams that might get a upset is it wouldn't be a upset for Portland to win. The Blazers have HCA and are favored to win.

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