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Death is Inevitable : Always keep that on your mind!

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Inevitable derives from the Latin word vitare (to avoid) and the prefix in (meaning not or without). It refers to something that cannot be avoided.

"Death is Inevitable. It always waits for us, you can't hide from it and definitely you cant escape from it"

Are you afraid of being forgotten?

Are you afraid that you may not see her or him the next day?

Are you afraid that when you die., would he or she show up in your burial and cry?

Are you afraid that death will put your stories on a hang?

Before asking your self this questions. Ask your self "Did i live my life at it's full?"

Living life at its full is what ive learned from my past. I may be young to say this, but believe me, when i lost a friend when i was at college, that's the time i started believing how short life can be. The very first that i heard the news about her death., i didnt believed it. I even laughed at it. Sorry but im just trying to be honest. The next day morning? My friend sms me asking what time are we going to the funeral of our friend. That changed my life forever. I started shaking and crying. Regrets started flowing on my heart. Questions filled my brain. Every friend of mine cries. As we arrived in paz, i saw his boyfriend crying at the front of the door of her funeral room. All can't believe what happened to our friend. It was really sudden. All people can do is cry.

Well, all i can say is she thought us everything. That experience thought us everything. May be im an "emo" but that's the way i want to live my life and i am living at it now. Death is inevitable. I live my life without any regrets.

And now, I am cherishing my friends and the moments i have with them, more than ever. I care for my family more than ever. I focus on my goal without any hesitations. I love her without any regrets. I dress black without any 2nd thoughts. I listen to Dashboard Confessionals without regrets. I care for Jessica - my buddy without any 2nd thoughts. I care for Missy even she's in denmark. I care for Rez with all my heart. I care for Gieh. I care for kreng though she makes me believe that girls are hard to get.hehehe..joke- (I know kreng would not believe me that it is a joke.BELAT!). I care for jheng - my consulsultant;). I care for Des, never ending korean movie crack down. I care for my brothers, I care for my pamangkin "Rylai". I love my mom - She's the best. I care for my work. I care for my work-pals. I care for my self!

I learned how to be manly enough ready on what's coming next. How about you, are you ready when death haunts you?

P.S. sorry kung puro girls. hehehe.. sorry if i miss
dont be afraid. d pako mamatay. and definitely, ill stay on someones heart the way jenny stayed in our hearts;) The picture was taken for real. My nose always does that. That blood flowing but im fine;)

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T0l, im n0t afraid to die. Oh well, maybe a little bit "Worry":) Ayoko lang mamatay ng hindi nakakapag sabing "SALAMAT" sa mga ta0ng minahal at iningatan ako, and "SORRY" sa mga taong nasaktan ko. Intentionally or not.. :)

SALAMAT pala sayo:)

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