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Domabam ("Love Phobia")

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Title : Love Phobia (April 2006)
Genre : Comedy, Drama and Romance.

Cast :
Hae-jung Kang as Ari
Seung-woo Cho as Jo-kang

Director :
Ji-eun Kang

"This movie is a complete roller coster ride, you'll laugh at it first but in the end you'll cry"
"Love can make a person believe on stuffs that are out of this planet"
"Ive seen tons of korean movies, but i can put this one next to - a moment to remember"

Ari and Jo-kang had a strawberry love during childhood days, Infatuation or crush may be. Ari came to their school in a very weird way, know why? Is there someone can tell me what a little girl doing - wearing a yellow rain coat during summer day? lol. weird isn't it? Talking about curse that she(Ari) got from her mom when she was born, that she was from a different planet. That everytime people touches her get cursed and merely die. A little girl who has a lizzard on her pocket? The whole school was frightened of her but not jo-kang.They become much closer and closer, with that Ari suddenly disapears. Leaving puppy love behind with jo-kang.

10 years after they met each other again. With Ari still talking about weird things that jo-kang believes into. The ghostly stuffs on the preist temple that teaches her english. Still there's that love that they had before but really there is something about Ari that she kept it hidden for years. Ari also told him that she want to marry a handsome banker and all those dreams that are so unreal that would freak you out for sure. Again the closer they get - Ari disappears.

Five years later they meet again. Jo-Kang was a bank teller giving loans to people (he actually did became a banker for Ari's dream). They had a very happy night that day but then again jo-kang was left behind. Ari told him that she is going to US the next day.

They soon meet again but in a certain place that unveils the secrets behind Ari. Jo-Kang keeps finding answers for those times that Ari disappears and that's the main course of the story. And i dont want to spoil

This Love Phobia is really different from other korean movies that i saw before. Surely you'll love this movie and believe on "E.T." at the same time - that's the

Favorite Scene: There was a chance that Ari went to the bank where Jo-Kang was working, Jo-Kang was so afraid that Ari may leave if get bored waiting for him. Even talking to a client, Jo-Kang untied his shoe lace and use it as a rope and tied Ari's foot on her chair. Jo-Kang is afraid that she may loose Ari again. So stupid sweet!(see it on trailer posted below)

See this movie : Rating 10 of 10

Watch the movie through : love Phobia

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I love Kang Hae-Jung. This movie is awesome! lol. Nice Review. Cheers! Thanks for the link dude;)

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