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NBA Playoffs is HERE!

Like it!

Can you smell it?

I Could bet as much as 20 bucks in best of seven series against portland trail blazers during the playoffs, either they face San Antonio Spurs or Houston Rockets.

How can you stop this Young team who finish their season game in such a passionate way,

tomorrow they'll be playing against the nuggets, surely that will be a juggernaut game.

They are streaking 5-0, they ruined San Antonio and LA Lakers and Clippers during that 5-0 run.

If this continue and they can own the home court advantage, Oh man, they are the surprise team for this year NBA playoffs.

Brandon Roy is having a career year, he is the unstoppable, MPV and the clutch - Did you see the buzzer beater against Houston and New York?, b-Roy is the heart of this team. 3rd year pro? 2007 Rookie of the year, 2 time all star. The Future is here! With the Rasheed Wallace like LaMarcus Aldridge, Jumper? Fade Away? 6'11, Quick 2nd jump, Rebounds with ease, with him is Joel Pryzbilla and Greg Oden? Who's going to rebound? With a superb bench tandem, Outlaw and Fernandez who happen to have spanish connection with Sergio Rodriguez? what more? With Surprise Rookies who can play like Batum the Starting SF and Jerryd Bayless? Huh.. Better get off the way cause this team can be the deadliest team who is underrated that could kill!

Get off Celtics, Without KG its all Cavs, F**k off Magic your done, Injuries are piling off, first was Jameer then Hedo and Rashard. Huh. Cavs just won the full home court advantage through out the playoffs, well pray hard peeps.

Oh i forgot, Lakers? As long as the ghost haunted playoff guys like Gasol and Odom become reliable as much as possible the west is gonna be with them, but beware of the clashes, You can't count out CP3, with Peja and Chandler is back, David West is Superb, Posey brings his luck. Wow! that is Freaking Awesome..

Cant wait for the playoffs! Huh!

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