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Better Choice

Like it!

"Because the girl has a choice, we must be her better choice"

We've been together for 7 months and 5 days. We've been into heartaches and yet we made it, and weathered the storm. Back then i thought that love happens in a single click but i was wrong.

Yes our relationship came on a single touch of our fingertips. My love is like a surprise gift wrapped into a newspaper so no one can say whether she is getting a cadbury or a tsok-nat.

I remember that day that Aihl told me "find someone to love, you got so much love in your heart" and then there it was.

All those EX's and Flings that makes me jealous and go crazy.All those memories of love that she shares listed in her memory. All those "naaalala ko dati...ay wag na lang" flashbacks. All those names that keeps bugging her that makes me become a lunatic. All those places that she has been in.

...I grinned on those days or should I say, I smirk.

"Because Michel has a choice., I must be her better choice"

I worked hard to get this far...we worked hard to get this far!

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