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DC took my heart away. Dashboard Confessional Manila Tour.

Like it!

"I came to sing songs with Chris., and finally I did it!"

It was Dashboard Confessional Manila Tour last friday and i just can get over it. "kakabitin" The show started with a flare with DC's dont wait and damn you can feel his nerve racking voice as he hums "oh--woah, oh--woah. Woah oh, Oh.. the sky glows, i see it shining when my eyes closed.." - Chris Carrabba is for real! I love it!.,  Everyone loved it.

Dashboard Confessional is the God Father of emo music. As far as sound and musicality that has a touchy way on engaging listener's emotion, Dashboard is way way far against other bands or groups in the same genre. Confessional music is what dashboard confessional is known for. Words that deeply captures listeners heart. Chris Carrabba told watchmojo that he describe his music is "sing your songwriter". Dashboard Confessional really brought emo music into mainstream.

The concert went full circle with songs from their old albums to the new one., dont wait, the good fight, saints and sailors, the places that have come to fear the most, carry this picture, everybody learns from disaster, belle of the boulevard, el scorcho(weezer cover), screaming infidelities, swiss army romance, as lovers go, rooftops and invitations, remember to breathe, get me right, vindicated, stolen and they made an encore for hands down that made the house jump., "this is a song about the best day in my life" Epic!

17 songs all in all and i felt like "bitin" and wanting more. Their song soothes my emotion. I love Screaming Infidelities. I love my girlfriend. I love my emo pathetic life!

END POST with carry this picture - manila tour youtube clip
bawal epal!

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