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Spring Bears Love

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Title : Spring Bears Love - 2003
Genre: Melodrama, Romance and Comedy

Bae Doona as Hyun Chae
Kim Nam Jin as Dong Ha

Yong Ih

"Written words in books makes love immortal"

"You may not know, someone close to you, someone who has always been there for you is loving you in the most special way he can but you're just too blind to see it"

"Keep believing in love because somehow, somewhere, someone is there praying and thinking for you"

"I like you so much, Like a bear in spring time, I know you're secrets. You're like a lovely bear. This is just the beginning of my love for you" these are words hand-written by someone on a book that happens to be Hyun-Chae is reading.

Hyun Chae is an unlucky girl who has trouble on finding love. Gifted with Rough attitude and bad manners she always get dumped by guys. So unlucky that even her dreams in life didn't come true.

The words written on the book always indicate what book should be read next. Those lovely words made Hyun Chae believed that still there is someone loves her and adores her without even knowing who's the person writing on the book and if she was the one that words are pertaining to. She even gave name on the writer - "Vincent"

Here comes Dong Ha. A high School best pal of Hyun Chae. So in love with Hyun Chae, he does every stupid thing he can just to make Hyun Chae fall for him. He even hug and kiss Hyun Chae's foot while but the conflict? Hyun Chae was too blind to see that because of Vincent.

Spring Bears love is a nice movie with nice nice lovely cast and storyline. You'll know how love goes after watching this movie.

Favorite Scene: I love the scene where in Dong Ha fell asleep inside the cabinet. Stupid guy! lol

My Movie Rating 8 of 10.
See the movie through : Spring Bears Love

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