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Movie of the week : Love Phobia - Domabaem 2003

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This is the very first movie of the month that "" offers. Domabaem - Love Phobia 2003 (See movie Review) Stars Korean Award Winning Actress Kang Hye-Jeong of Welcome to Dongmagkol, NABI and Herb.

Movie Rating 10 of 10!

WATCH IT NOW!!! - Click the Numbers. Part 1 to 16.
Episodes Parts : [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16]

Movie Streaming Problems? Ask me:

Question: How can I watch videos on your blog?
Answer: To watch the videos, just click on the PLAY button found in the center of the video screen.

Question: What are episode parts?
Answer: Each episode may be split into multiple parts. We have organized the episodes and parts in such that if you press the "watch next" link under the video, it will automatically show you the next appropriate video.

Question: The videos will not play on my computer. What do I do?
Answer: Try installing the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Question: How come the video does not load?
Answer: Sometimes the video takes time to load. If it does not load, give it a few minutes and click "refresh" on your browser.

Question: The video is extremely choppy. It stops every 5 seconds!
Answer: This is due to your connection speed or congestion in the internet. If the video is very choppy, press the pause button and let the video load. You can see how much the video is loaded by looking at the progress bar.
TIP: you can load multiple episodes by opening them each in a new browser window or tab. Let it load and come back to watch them all.

Question: The video fails to load after several attempts!
Answer: This might be because the video is no longer available. Please let me know by reporting the video problem via posting a comment on this post!.

This movie is not hosted by my site. Therefore i can't give you any resolutions or editing on the vid to make your movie watching more enjoying, since it's a low quality vid.

But i have a dvd copy of love phobia now in my Hardisk. if you
Want a dvd copy of this movie? Post a request on this blog post!
I could hand you a dvd or rapidshare download links!

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