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Meet and Greet : Part 2

Like it!

I had a great great time last sunday. last-last sunday since this blog entry is week late than

It's meet and greet part 2!
If you missed my meet and greet part 1 then click the link below

meet and greet - kreng

Its jessica, my life long buddy;) meeting up with gieh and rez.,

I always wanted that rez would meet jessica because they really are the dearest girls in my

What's up with the contacts that rez was wearing? I don't know, but i love her brown eyes more than her

The day went well for the four of us. We ate at Razon's of Guagua in SM-mall of asia, and we watched movie at the same day. "The haunting at the Connecticut" - not haunted though.

Razon's of Guagua offers great-great filipino dishes, we had sizzling sisig and bulalo, we had pancit loglog and a halo-halo. Great-Great place for families and friends to eat-out during summer.

The haunting at the Connecticut is not that haunted but i have girls sitting next to my chair while watching the movie and so it become more of a comedy.

And so as the day ends we all had a great time.

It's the first time that Jessica meets Rez - I love rez so much and so as jessica, It's like meet the I just wished that Rez could give more time and so she can meet all those people that knows me well. As well as my family. Vice versa of course. Ill be happy if i can meet Robin(Rez's bro) and Che-Che. Her mom and her family.

Why? because i love her. That's just it;)

"Love is patient and pure"

gieh said "love hurts"


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