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Virgin Snow (Hatsuyuki No Koi)

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Title: Virgin Snow 2007
Other Title: (Hatsuyuki No Koi)
Genre: Drama and Romance

Aoi Miyazaki as Nanae
Jun-Ki Lee as Min

Sang-hee han

"Constant love defies every struggles in a relationship"

"Love bridge the differences of two persons"

"A movie that brought differences between Kyoto and Seoul and yet the characters find their selves how to get along"

The movie "Virgin Snow" is not that so-so kind of a movie. Though it has a well told story about two high school students, Min and Nanae there's still something awful about it, why? If you are like me who don't know when a person speaks Japanese and Korean you'll find it quite disturbing. lol. Later you'll know why, but the overall plot was good

The movie started when Min(Jun-Ki Lee - One of the main characters in My Girl) went on Kyoto-Japan with his dad as an exchange student. Min rides his bike around Kyoto and crashes his bike into a Buddhist temple. He limps over to a near fountain to wash his wounds, when Nanae(Aoi Miyazaki - The lovely donnut biscuit girl of Tada Kimi Wo Aishiteru) walks by. Their eyes meet, butterflies went flying and that's where the Virgin snow started.

Fate is always there on love stories right? Min a Korean native was introduced as an exhange student at the local High School in which Nanae was also attending. Min does everything to charm Nanae and so the story unfolds.

Though the main characters have so many differences, specially in Languages the movie went fine. With a hand sign and little english, Nanae and Min was able to establish their feelings for each other. Nanae started studying the Korean language and as well as Min studied the art behind pottery(Porcelain making in Japanese way) for Nanae.

What i dont love is - Yes Nanae studied Korean as well as Min studied Japanese but you don't know the subtitle whether Nanae or Min was speaking Korean or Japanese unless it was expressed by the Character laugh on that.

"Virgin Snow" is a great movie. Min lost his love for Nanae because of misunderstanding, Nanae went away to settle things for her family while Min not knowing that Nanae did it for good. Min's love never fade. It was just some sense of Pain that hindered his love for Nanae because Nanae dissappeared all of a sudden and left without a trace. But Constant love brought them back and so the story marked the Korean-Japanese movies integration.

See the movie. It's great! you'll find lessons on it! Promise!

Watch the movie on : Virgin Snow (Hatsuyuki No Koi)

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