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Date - a.k.a "Lakad Tropa"

Like it!

Tropa ko siya eh. Cute diba? hahaha

Words "cute" are meant for animal pets. Pretty is the right word right?

It's her from meet and greet part 1

"Maria Kristina Del Rosario Emeterio"

hahaha.peace kreng. Alam ko ayaw mo binabanggit name mo ng buo.hahahaha

Lakad Tropa. I had a nice time with her yesterday. Though naligaw ako sa trinoma - leche nmn eh noh wala kayang kwenta trinoma.

Do you believe many of my friends are so fucking amazed about trinoma? hahaha.. OoOps. Siguro badtrip lng ako kasi naligaw ako sa entrance nila.

I wont date someone again on that freaking mall. Trinoma is like greenhills and tutuban with a little touch of Rob. That's how they mixed it I went to the Block - SM north. Woah. When that renovation is done it's going to be a perfect place. "FREE WIFI on the whole place" that's awesome right? I checked it - I even updated some files on my

Anyways lets go back to the "lakad tropa"

So I went out early in the office to hang out with this girl yesterday. MRT, Then long-freaking-dumb walk. I was there at exactly 512pm. lol.

The usual thing about kreng - she is so hyper. She talks and talks. We ate at "sbarro", damn i dont know how to eat on that resto. I should have practiced She ordered Baked Ziti, Slice of pizza and Lemonade for us both.

By that time all i can do is stare at her. She then say "Wag mo ako panoorin. Cge lang kain ka lang dyan"

Sbarro food was great. Except for one thing. "Manners" of their services. We were sitting next to a family, A guy stand up to get water to give on her little sis - the next scene? A waiter gets the plate without even analyzing wheter the people there are still eating. Though he asked if he could get the platters. Still if you are on that situation. Its like "Huling subo. Pagkababa ng kutsara. Me lumapit. Tapos na po kayo? Ligpitin ko na ha" - Kreng told me that all sbarro restos are like that.

After that heavy eating on sbarro we tried to get some walk. We could have landed ourselves on Starbucks but there's no available seat. We walked again and went to DQ, Dairy Queen. The place where ice cream becomes a their ice cream is so so delicious.

We shared stories there. We shared thoughts. We shared music. Enjoying our stolen time from our so busy life. She is a practice nurse now on bulacan. You got to know how cruel shifting schedules for nurses. lol

Thanks for the time little miss kreng. I enjoyed walking with you.

P.S. The dvd?That's what a lightscribe technology does. Hope it was impressive

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