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Thank you. It was you.

Like it!

I am thankful that the
sun gave way for you
to be the center of
my universe.

That the time knows
how to slow things down
whenever we sit

Flowers sprung. so as
my love for you
continues to bloom
everyday in my heart.

And morning continues to
fill my heart with
happiness because of
your love and care.

My love for you is
Invulnerable. I love you.
I am thankful that it
was you.

It was you whom ive
fallen to.

P.S. Salamat nung friday. Para sayo to. hehe;) buti na lng pinaupo mo ako sa tabi mo, kasi kung pinabayaan mo lng ako bka tumalikod na lng ako at pinairal ang kabulukan ng ugali ko. Salamat kasi kahit saglit nakasama kita ule. hehehe. love you my emoSP" mwah!haha

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