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I had so much young love the day that you walked into my life. A young love that ive been longing for. I had sleepless nights because of you. I remember the night that you asked me if im a good kisser and all i answered is "NO", hahahah. Because im really not. May be.

Your young love is so sweet that ants would be begging for our sweets. I love the way you love me. I love when call me "baby". lol. I dont know if you're just playing around or any. I love those nights wherein ill fall asleep saying and hearing "I love you baby" then you'll say "Lapit ka dito" and "Yakapin mo ko". I love those nights that you act like a child not wanting me to hang up the phone and you want to sleep beside me. I love it when you told me that you've been sharing stories of me to mom.

You have so much young love in your heart that every guy will be begging for. Im happy,. you fill my heart with so much hapiness. Im so blessed.

Though sometimes your young love scare the hell out of me. Im afraid that soon this young love will grow and just leave. I want to see you grow. Be a step behind you and catch you everytime you fall.

May be i have such a good talent on making threading these sweet words that a young heart would fall into. May be. But i was never loved back the way that you are loving me now. So young, So sweet. So fresh. I want you to know how thankful i am that you were there. I fall for someone and write immortal words. That someone is you Annea.

Your young sweet love is longingly.

I fall for you Annea but Annea never existed on this dimension. Annea was just a part of my desire for a young love experience. Soon ill meet Annea and be with her. Soon ill sit on her arms and rest on her peacefully.

Im suffering from love. A love that was never real and could only happen in my dreams.

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