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Falling and Falling

Like it!

Oh i miss her so
I think of falling again
But id rather say no

Her smile captures my heart
And i don't know how to start

Probably ill just keep my mouth shut.
Oh i cant breathe., I'm tongue tied
Everything in my world stops.

She's one in a million
meeting her gives you
thousands of reason

She's Intelligent
but sometimes she acts just like
an innocent.

Falling and Falling
Whew...I just cant 
continue my breathing..

p.s. Naks! Miss u Kreng :D haayst..hehehe.. tablan ka nmn ng pambobola ko! hahaha... hehehe...yan ah.hahaha. DQ ko? hahaha...

Cute mo dito...hahaha.. pa Brownies Temptations ka nmn!
hehehe..asn na c mik mik?hahaha

Yaman nito taga marilao... ganda ng bahay! hahahaha!

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