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Mind or Heart? Real love

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Someone asked me this and it kept bugging my mind last night. "Where does real love exist?" he told me that for him real love is only on peoples mind. To make it clearly what he said is

"Tol ang real love ba, sa puso o sa utak lang?. Para sa akin kasi sa utak lang" All i said is this

"Tol para sa akin kung real love yan it should exist in your heart. Yun bang parang busog na busog ka kahit wala ka kinakain."

How can i say that i know what real love if i didn't even have an experience to be loved by the person i love the most. Sad but true. I never had any such good experience when it comes to love. If i'm not rejected i always get left behind. I don't even have legal papers to talk about

May be this real love i have right now is only in my mind. I'm so selfish. I tie my self into her even i'm just a friend for her. I care for her even it's meaningless for her. I guess this love is only on my mind and not on my heart. Kreng told me once that love is all about affection. "di totoo yung sabi nila na kung mahal mo ang isang tao, wag ka mag demand. Mahalin mo lang siya" One way or another you'll ask for it. The reality? You'll end up crying on your pillow asking yourself what more to do to be loved back. And it's true. If this is real i should learn to free my self and free her.

I passed by on this blogpost saying these lines:
"True love is a choice, not a feeling. Sure, the feelings will be there at times, but they won't be there all the time. True love is CHOOSING your partner, even during the times when the feelings aren't there."

Real love do exist in the heart but it doesn't mean that you'll end up happily ever after with that real love that you are keeping. Sometimes love isn't just good enough to make someone love you back. See the real picture. Magnify your real life.

"di ka pa mapapakaen ng I love you"

Grow up a little more. Don't be excited. We have so much things in front of us. Live life with real love that is deeply rooted in your heart. "passion"

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